Short Stories for kids on Conflict Resolution - The Mother hen

Short Stories for kids in English on Conflict Resolution - Mother Hen

Mother Hen lived in a barnyard with her chicks. In the same barnyard lived a cat, a cow and a dog. All were friends but didn’t agree on various matters. Mother hen spent her day doing various jobs at the barnyard and also finding worms for her chicks. The errands of the barnyard were fully taken care of by the mother hen. The cat, cow and dog slept all day. Whenever the mother hen called them for cleaning the yard, clearing the hay stacks, watering the plant etc. nobody lent a helping hand to mother hen.

The cat, cow and dog told the mother hen not to do any chores and that the jobs would be taken care by their owner. But Mother Hen never agreed to this and insisted they join hands with her in the daily chores. But for this, they never agreed and continued to be lazy.

One day mother hen found a wheat grain in the yard. she wanted to grow the wheat grain, harvest it and make bread out of the flour. For doing all this she needed help. She called for her friends and asked, “Are you people willing to grow wheat grains with me?” The cat said, “No”, the cow said, “No”, and the dog said, “No.”

So, all on her own she started growing the grain. She watered it every single day. In a few days, she saw the grain growing into a baby plant. After some more days, it grew even bigger and it was time to harvest the grains.

Mother Hen asked her friend, “Are you willing to harvest the grains with me?” The cat said, “No”, the cow said, “No”, and the dog said, “No.”  So, the mother hen harvested the grains. She planned to take the grain to the mill for grinding. And later bake bread out of the flour.

She collected all the grains in a big bag. The bag was heavy so she needed help to take it to the flour mill. She asked her friends to lend a hand. But as usual, they all said, “No”

So, the mother hen dragged the heavy bag to the flour mill by herself. She got a whole lot of flour, which she dragged back home. She started making her bread, for which she needed help in mixing the flour. She reached out to her friends and was denied.

She started mixing the flour with the necessary ingredients. She poured the mixture into the moulds and kept the moulds inside the oven. After a while, all of the barnyard started to soak the aroma of the baked bread.

She again called for her friends to have the bread with her. This time they all said, “Yes”. But, mother hen said, “No”. She gathered her chicks and all had the delicious bread. She wanted to solve the conflict.

She went to her friends with loaves of bread in her hand. All of them wished to taste the loaf. She gave each a loaf of bread. The cat, cow and dog were mesmerized by the taste and wanted more of it. she made them agree that they would take part with her, in running the barnyard chores. And also help her in growing more grains, if they wished to have a loaf every day. They readily agreed and their conflict was over. 

The next day as agreed the cat, cow and dog took part in running the errands of the barnyard. Every evening they chit-chatted and had a loaf of bread together.

Takeaway Moral

Conflict resolution is a process of putting an end to disputes and arriving at an agreement which satisfies all parties involved. Conflict may be healthy and it is a very natural part of a well-organized way of life. Finding a solution to the conflict is an opportunity to be innovative and creative.

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