Short Stories for kids on empathy - The Professor and the boy

The Professor and the boy

Professor Sam was a great teacher. He always taught his students, giving them lots of real-life examples. His students loved him a lot. In his class, he had a mischievous boy named Eddie. Eddie was a good student but was very naughty.

He always derived great pleasure, from seeing others in trouble. He misplaced his fellow mate’s books, or their bags or reading glasses etc. he felt thrilled doing all these. In the beginning, his classmates liked his prank. But later they were really annoyed with him. They complained about Eddie to Professor Sam.

Professor Sam wanted Eddie to understand that seeking pleasure from other’s pain is not a good thing, instead showing empathy to people, will bring him real happiness.

 One day Professor Sam took Eddie for a long walk. As they were walking past a field, they saw a farmer working in the field. He was about to finish his work for the day. They saw his pair of shoes and his coat kept near a tree. Sam on seeing this wanted to play a prank on him as was his habit.

He told the professor that he wanted to hide the shoes and the coat of the farmer and wait for his reaction while hiding behind the bushes. Professor Sam on hearing this told Eddie to try the prank in a different way this time and see the results for himself.

The professor told Sam to place a coin in each of the farmer’s shoes. Eddie did as he was told. They both hid behind the bushes. The farmer finished his work and came to the tree where he kept his shoes and coat. When he slid his legs into his shoes, he felt something inside the shoes. He removed the shoes and shook them to see what was inside.

Two coins fell from the shoes. The farmer fell on his knees and cried. He thanked the lord for the coins he got, as he had no money to buy food back home for his kids and wife. The farmer left for his home with great joy and relief.

Professor Sam asked Eddie, “Don’t you feel greatly pleased by this act, instead of your silly prank?” Eddie said, “For the first time, I am feeling great satisfaction in showing empathy to others.”

The professor felt very happy that he made Eddie understand the value of empathy. From that incident, Eddie’s perspective of life changed. He started to be kinder and helpful to others. His friends thanked the Professor for bringing such a good change in him.


Empathy is a respectful way of understanding, what others are experiencing.

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