Short Stories for kids from Panchatantra

1. The Pitcher and the Crow

On a sweltering day, a crow became thirsty. He noticed a pitcher of water with a long and narrow neck that his beak couldn't fit into. To get to the water, the crow had a clever plan. He took a few small pebbles from the ground and dropped them into the pitcher one by one.

one till the water level rose. Then he plunged his head into the pitcher to quench his thirst.

Moral: When faced with a challenging issue, utilize your head and come up with creative solutions.

2. Sweet Talking

A fox is looking for food in the vicinity. He notices a crow eating cake while sitting on a tree branch. The fox devises a plan to obtain the cake by chanting crow praises. The cake falls out of the crow's mouth as she opens her mouth to thank the fox. The fox grabs it and hurries away, tricking the crow.

Moral: Don't get taken in by sweet words.

3. Literate

When a scholar boards a boat to cross a river, he is surprised to discover that the boatman does not know how to read or write. He looks down on the boatman and regards him as a useless individual. But when a storm hits and their boat capsizes, the scholar has no idea how to swim and is terrified for his life. The uneducated boatman comes to his aid and saves him.

Moral: Be modest and respectful at all times.


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