Short Stories for Kids on cheating others


The dog and the cock were best of friends. They lived in a farmyard. They felt very bored of doing the same things every day. They decided to do something interesting. They both brought out the list of adventures they always thought of doing, but never did it. First on this list was to see something of the world. So, both comrades left their farmyard and set out into the world along the road that leads to the woods.

Both friends travelled with the best spirit but didn’t come across anything interesting. After walking for a long time, they badly wanted to rest. The cock was looking for a nice place to rest as was his custom. He found a hallow tree a nice place for the night's lodging.  The dog crept into the hollow tree and the cock climbed on one of the branches. They both said good night and wished to continue on their adventure at daybreak.

With the first glimmer of dawn, the cock awoke. For a moment he forgot where he was. He thought he was in the farmyard where it had been his duty to arouse the household at daybreak. So, standing on tip-toes he flapped his wings and crowed loudly. The cock arose a cunning fox not far off in the wood. The fox heard the cock, and the fox had a rosy vision of a very delicious breakfast.

 The fox hurried to the tree where the cock was roosting. The fox deceived a plan. The fox said in a very polite manner, “Welcome to the woods, dear sir. I am very happy to have an honoured guest like you in the woods. I think we will make the best of friends. What would you like to have for breakfast, dear sir? I can help you in finding your breakfast”.

“I feel highly flattered. Kind sir. I usually have worms for my breakfast”, said the cock. The fox told about many places where the cock could find delicious worms. Hearing this the cock felt happy but a little surprised at why a fox would help him. Before the fox could deceive him, the cock made a plan to trap the fox.

The cock told the fox that before leaving to look out for worms, he wanted to invite the fox to his home first. The cock told the fox to go around to the door of his house at the foot of the tree and that his porter will let him in.

The hungry but unsuspecting fox followed the instructions as told by the cock. The fox was really waiting to grab the cock by his neck as soon as he is near him. As the fox neared the door, he was grabbed by the dog.

The dog and the fox had a good fight, but the dog was strong and he won over the fox. The fox was injured and had no more energy to fight the dog, and ran from the place never looking back.

The dog and cock felt very happy over the victory. They continued on their journey looking for more adventures.


Those who try to deceive others may expect to be paid in their own coin.


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