Short Stories for Kids from Nigeria - The Man who Never Lied

These short stories for kids are compiled by our editorial team. Folk tales from around the world carry a lot of contextual wisdom. This is a story from Nigeria about a man who never lied. This short story is suitable for bedtime for kids of all ages. 

The Man Who Never Lied - A Nigerian Short Story For Kids

In a tiny village in what is now Nigeria lived a man named Mamad.  He was an honest man. He also never lied.  Everyone in and around his village had heard about him. 

His fame had spread along the entire country. Mamad was known as the man who never lies. In time news of Mamad reached the king’s ears. The king was a jealous man. He did not like the fact that there was someone in his kingdom who was getting any attention at all.

The king ordered for Mamad to be brough to him. He looked at Mamad and asked him

" Mamad, is it true, that you have never lied?"

" It's true."

"And you will never lie in your life?"

" I'm sure about that as well."

After many days, the king called Mamad once again. Many people had gathered around. The king was about to go hunting. His left foot was already on the stirrup. The king ordered Mamad to tell the queen to prepare a feast and that he would bring back the game to the palace.

Mamad bowed down and went to the queen. Then the king laughed and said:

"We won't go hunting and now Mamad will lie to the queen. Tomorrow we will laugh and he will no longer be famous as the man who never lied.”

Mamad was wise and old and he realised what had happened. He knew that the king was trying to discredit him. Mamad went to the palace and said

"Maybe you should prepare a big feast for lunch tomorrow, and maybe you shouldn't. Maybe the king will come by noon, and maybe he won't."

The queen was confused and asked Mamad to confirm, to which he replied, "I don't know whether he put his other foot on the stirrup, or he put the foot on the stirrup, so I cannot be sure"

Everybody waited for the king. He came the next day and said to the queen:

"The wise Mamad, who never lies, lied to you yesterday."

The King realised that he had been caught at his own game. He invited Mamad and made him his advisor, because he believed that such a man would be very valuable in his council

Parenting Takeaways

You can impress upon kids the importance of being honest. This story is also a very important lesson about words and how one can use word play to change context and meaning.

About Nigeria

Nigeria is a country in West Africa.  You can show it to kids on this world map.


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