Seven wonders of the world Chart - Cool Facts about Petra

Petra is a historical and archaeological city in the southern Jordanian governorate of Ma’an that is famous for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system. Established sometime around the 6th century BC as the capital city of the Nabataeans, it is a symbol of Jordan as well as its most visited tourist attraction.

The city was carved into the sandstone mountains by the Nabataeans and it contains a variety of temples, tombs, colonnaded street and monuments. The most famous structure is the Treasury, which is a monumental tombs that was carved into the sandstone cliffs. The city also contains the Monastery, which is a large structure carved into the mountainside.

Petra is known for its intricate water conduit system, which was used to supply water to the city’s population. The Nabataeans built dams and aqueducts to capture rainwater and divert it to the city’s cisterns, reservoirs and water channels. This system provided enough water for the city’s population and helped them to prosper in the desert environment. Petra is an iconic symbol of Jordan, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is a popular tourist destination and it is home to numerous Bedouin people who live in the caves throughout the city. Petra is a remarkable archaeological city and its breathtaking landscapes and ruins make it an unforgettable travel destination. Petra is also part of the new Seven wonders of the world

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