Set Goals The Right Way

Life has a way of catching up on most of us. If we are parents, we dont realize how one day blends into the next and before you know it is the end of the year. With every passing year, we list down resolutions. Come mid January, we dont even remember where we kept the tissue in which we boisterously wrote down the Big Hairy Audacious Goals we set for ourselves. 

Make this year a little different, here goes a list of things you can do to make your resoultions and goals last beyond mid- January!


1.Set small goals- We ususally have a long list of goals we would like to achieve,  however it is best to start small , as small as 2 -3 goals. It can be spread over a week or 10 days.Goals as insignificant as Bathing, laundry, hair cut, to as big as replying to emails, applying for a part time. It helps. 

2.You can take a break and pause- It is okay to pause your goal if you see it is  taking too much time, you can always resume.The point is to start and not stop. 

3.Identify factors motivating you- Do not set goals for the sake of it, barinstorm the significance of your goal, and dedicate you time to it, think of how will it help you feel once you achieve it? Something as small as reading one chapter off your novel, sounds small, but if reading is your passion then, completing Chapter 1 will make you feel refreshed. 

4.Document and track your goals- Note down your goals, with date and time and track your progress. Set due dates .You can do it manually or use online tools to monitor your progress. It helps to keep your goal-driven. you could consider using our Goal Trackers and Habit Trackers. These are effective tools to write down goals, track them and keep them in a visible place

5.Note down your support system- No goal can be achieved alone. Make a note of poeple who can help you achieve your goal. It could be  your husband or your sibling or a friend, who can help you access resources motivate you and keep you on track

We wish you the very Best!

About the Author:

Vineeta Thomas : Mom to a Littel Munchkin | Educator | Teacher | Book Worm | Cat Lover

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