Animals of India - Ganges Dolphins

India is home to a vast number of animals and this article will provide you with some of the most popular ones.

Ganges Dolphins live in the freshwater of the Ganges River, and they are essentially blind. A dolphin relies on its sense of sound tonavigate their surroundings. They use echolocation- which is when they emit sounds and then use the echoes of those sounds to
determine the distance, size, shape, and location of objects around them. However, sound waves don't travel well in fresh water
because there are no boundaries for the sound waves to bounce off of. This makes it difficult for Ganges Dolphins to find prey as
they swim around a freshwater habitat that is so dense with vegetation that there's not much interaction with natural sound waves
from other objects in the environment. As a result, these dolphins are relatively blind and have adapted an extensive echolocation
ability to compensate for this disadvantage. They were officially discovered in 1801.

The Ganges river dolphin is important because it is a reliable indicator of the health of the entire river ecosystem. The government of India declared it the National Aquatic Animal in 2009.

The calves are chocolate brown as they grow they become greyish brown and they are frequently found alone or in small groups, and
generally a mother and calf travel together. Females are larger than males and give birth once every two to three years to only one

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