Our World - Galapagos Penguin

Name of Animal : Galapagos Penguin

On the World Map: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, South America

Special Feature: Only Penguin living in the Northern Hemisphere

The penguin in the picture is endemic to Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. It ls the only penguin living in the north of equator.

After the little penguin, this is the second smallest species of penguin. The height of this penguin is 49 to 50cm and weighs around 2.5 to 4.5kgs

They eat small schooling fish, mainly mullet and sardines, and sometimes crustaceans. They normally range only a few kilometers from their breeding sites, depending on the cold, nutrient-rich currents to bring them food.

Contrary to what we see in popular portrayals, the penguin and the polar bear don't inhabit the same spaces. Polar bears are restricted to the northern hemisphere. In fact, Galagopas Penguin is the only one that can be found north of Equator

World Map - link to our world map in which we have graphically showcased this. Our map has monuments and Animals making it easy for young kids to remember.

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