Animals of India - Indian Purple Frog

????????The Indian purple frog although known to the locals was first scientifically in 2003 . ????????

It stays underground throughout the year and feeds ok termites . It surfaces only during the Monsoon for a period of two weeks, for mating.

The species was described from specimens collected in the Idukki district of Kerala. The body of Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis appears robust and bloated and is relatively rounded compared to other more dorsoventrally flattened frogs. Their flattened body assists them to cling to submerged rocks and boulders which essentially helps them fight strong currents, allowing them to remain near stream banks where they typically reside.

The frog spends most of its life underground and surfaces only during the monsoon, for a period of two weeks, for mating. Adults are typically dark purplish-grey in color. Males are about a third of the length of females.

This is blog series a tribute to all the birds and Animals found in India.

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