Our Unique Gifts : A Short Story for Kids

Our Unique Gifts : A Short Story for Kids

At the edge of a forest, stood a small hut. The hut was built with mud and had a thatched roof. Five Borthers and a Sister lived in the hut. Four of these brothers were strong and would go to the forest to chop wood, daily.

The eldest brother and the sister would stay at home and cook for everyone. The eldest brother had lost his leg when he was young. He could not run very fast, nor could he chop wood. This was a great source of worry for him.

One day, Sheru, the tiger, came visiting from the forest. " I am sick of eating raw food. I need to carry away your sister. I have heard she is a great cook." So saying, he scooped the sister and walked away to the forest,

When the four brothers returned home, they did not know what to do. The eldest brother came up with a plan. He said, lets go to the forest. But all of you should listen to what I say. At first they thought the eldest brother would slow them down, but since they didn't have any plan, they all agreed to take him along .The eldest brother, who was not a bad cook himself, made Tamarind Rice and packed it for the journey

Along the way, the eldest brother told the first brother, " I see an ant hill over there. Go and collect them." The first brother said, " But I will get bitten, I wont go". The eldest brother said that he wont give him the Tamarind rice if he doesn't go. Reluctantly,the first brother picked some ants and put them in a box

As they went further, they found a donkey wandering around. The eldest brother told the second brother," Go and bring the donkey". The Second brother said , " I will get kicked by the donkey".

The eldest brother said that he wont give him the Tamarind rice if he doesn't go. The second brother tied a rope around the donkey's neck and brought him along.

As they walked further, they found an uprooted palm tree. The eldest brother turned to the third brother and said, " Go and bring the Palm Tree." The third brother said, " Oh! but its so heavy."The eldest brother said that he wont give him the Tamarind rice if he doesn't go. The third brother loved the Tamarind rice, so he dragged the palm tree along.

The eldest brother saw a pot lying on the path. He told his youngest brother," Oh little brother, please get me the pot." Thus carrying some ants, a donkey, a palm tree and a pot, they reach the tiger's place.

The sister was amazed to see the brothers. She was also worried. " It is almost time for the tiger to return! Hide in the attic! Otherwise, he will gobble you up like popcorn!"

As soon as the tiger reached he said, " I can smell humans. I'm going to tear them apart!" . Just then, the dust in the attic made the little brother sneeze. " Show yourself to me at once", roared the tiger

The eldest brother, showed the huge pot. The tiger assumed it to be the head and was taken aback. He said, " Show me your hands." The brothers showed the large palm tree." By now the tiger was a little worried, he said , " Speak to me."

The eldest brother put the pot on the donkey's head and released some ants on it. The donkey brayed so loudly that the tiger ran away never to be seen again

The five brothers and the sister returned home. The eldest brother was their hero. He started valuing his own skills and never again did he feel that he was not good enough.

Parenting Takeaway:

This short story for kids is a great way to explain to kids that we each have our unique strengths and we should learn to value them. Sometimes, we may appear weak in one aspect, but that need not stop us from trying to live full lives.

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