Life Lessons for Kids From Jungle Stories

Two Short Stories for Kids on Life Lessons 

The Story of Spidey the Spider

In a dense forest amidst the huge trees there lived a spider by name Spidy! All she wanted was a sturdy home for her to live in peace. After wandering here and there, she finally found  a perfect place.  The place was in between two huge plants.

She started building her house weaving and weaving the net. When she was half way through, a gush of wind torn her house. “ Oh ooh”, thought the Spidey. She again started to weave her net. Again when she was half way through a pigeon flew on her web! it again broke. “Ahhhh” thought the Spidey. She again started to weave! This time she was almost done, a monkey threw a big fruit from the tree to his friend rabbit. The web was spoiled again. “Noooo, not again” thought the Spidey in agony.

 But do you know what? Spidey again started to weave. Finally, after five more such attempts, she built a beautiful strong web. Such a hard work she thought. But seeing her web she felt very proud of herself. Everytime she rebuilt her web, she made it stronger and thicker. Now finally, the web was strong enough to withstand a gush of wind, or a pigeon sitting on it or a fruit getting thrown at it.

 She went to her chair and sat with a sense of satisfaction. Within sometime, there were 3-4 insects struck to her web! “Aha” she said, my meal is also ready!

Moral of the Story

Sometimes kids and evenus parents lose our cool. This is true especially if our work is going back and forth - be it an exam or preparing for some competition. Though we give our best to learn , we sometimes  fail. From the above story we can learn that with perseverance and hardwork we can achieve what we want. And also, we should be ready to face the hurdles with patience.

With Hard work, perseverance, and patience we can achieve what we want!


In addition to the social messaging in the short story- A parent and child could  also discuss about spiders, the arachnid family and how they use webs to catch their prey.

The Story of The Rabbit and The Porcupine

In a deep forest, there was a huge tree. Under the tree many animals lived. Among them was a rabbit which was very proud of it’s beauty. It used to always boast about how cute and beautiful it was. A porcupine newly shifted to the forest. Looking for new friends, it approached the rabbit. The rabbit turned down it’s friendship saying, “ Porcupine, you are a bith thorny to be my friend!”. Porcupine felt bad for being turned down.

One day a witty fox came near the tree searching for a prey. As soon as it saw the rabbit, it swiftly approached to eat it. When it was about to pounce on the rabbit, the porcupine came in between! The fox was injured badly due to the sharp thrones of the porcupine and ran away from the place. It never dared to come back again. Rabbit realised how mean it was to the porcupine and how porcupine had helped it without keeping those things in mind. Rabbit apologised to porcupine and accepted it as it’s best friend.

Rabbit also learnt that external apperances don’t matter in friendships

Moral of the Story

This short story for kids is meant for kids to understand that external apperances are not very important.  It is important to make friends with people for who they are, rather than on how they appear.

It is also a lesson for kids on how one could be forgiving like the porcupine. Inspite of beings spurned, the porcupine decided to help the rabbit. Because, often people judge us and if we forgive them there is chance of a beautiful friendship.

These Short Stories for kids are intended as conversation builders. If your kids love Animals do check out our Animal Flash Cards .

About the Author:

Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 



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