Monuments of India - The Rani Ki Vav

On the India Map: Gujarat, India

Year: 11th Century AD

Built by: Queen Udaymati, Solanki Dynasty

There are so many architectural wonders in India. The Rani ki Vav (Queens Step Well) built in the 11th century is a UNESCO world heritage site.

It is constructed in the form of an inverted temple, highlighting the sanctity of water.

There are 7 levels of stairs . Over 500 principal structures and 0ver 1000 minor structures

The architectural and technological capability required to build this grand a structure elicits pride and wonder.

The step well was flooded over and silted when Saraswati river changed course. Only in 1940s excavations revealed the step well.

India is a land of long history and we have great monuments that reflects our long history. This blog series is intended to be a short tribute to the lesser known monuments of India.

We have a map of India, depicting monuments in each state. It is a great way for kids to build interest in our history and it is designed in a colorful way to ensure that kids grasp dand learn very quickly  Check that map here - India Map with Monuments

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