Life Lessons From Short Stories For Kids

Two Short Stories for Kids on Life Lessons 

Story one on Gratitude:

Once there was a great king. He looked after her subjects very well. He ensured everyone had food, kids had an education and the roads were awesome. He was a kind king who believed that his success was defined by the happiness and well-being of his subjects. He had due processes set in place to deliver justice. He and his team of ministers held frequent meetings with people to understand their problems and to try and solve it. The king was very popular and well liked by all

One day, a soldier was travelling to one of the neighbouring cities. A spy from the enemy kingdom followed the soldier. The spy attacked the soldier and stole his money.  But,the soldier was a very strong man and he over powered the spy. The soldier told the spy, that the money was meant for his daughter’s wedding and so it was very important.  The spy responded that he could give the soldier a lot of some money if he told him about the secret door to the fort. The soldier denied the offer and took him to the king and made him surrender. The king praised the soldier and awarded him with gold coins.

Parenting takeaway:

The reason why the soldier was not attempted to give away an important secret to the enemy was because he had a lot of gratitude towards king and country.In the end, even though he did not expect it he was rewarded by the king. Gratitude is one of the most important values to develop in kids when they are young. Gratitude helps us grow.

Story two on Honesty:

Lisa and Ruma were good friends. They were neighbours. Every evening after school they used to play together. One day when Ruma was playing with Lisa in Lisa’s house, Lisa showed her a beautiful glass vase which was gifted to her by her aunt. Ruma was fascinated with it. She asked if she can show it to her mother as well. Lisa agreed. Ruma excitedly took the vase to her house.

The next day when Lisa was getting ready for school, Ruma came to her house. She looked scared and dull. When asked, she confessed that while showing the vase to her mother, she accidently broke it! She was very sorry for not only breaking it but also for hurting Lisa’s feelings as it was a gift by her aunt.

Lisa’s mother, instead of scolding Ruma, appreciated her for the honesty and courage that she showed to confess her mistake in front of everyone. She also asked Lisa to forgive her friend for accidently making a  mistake.  Lisa’s mother also warned Ruma not to be a bit more careful from next time.

Parenting takeaway:

This is a a great story to explain to kids the importance of honesty. In the story, instead of putting away the inevitale, Ruma makes the effort to be honest. It takes a lot of honesty. As an adult, Lisa’s mother did the right thing by encouraging honesty and caution. You may build a conversation with the kids about what they would do in such a situation.

These short stories for kids are intended as conversation builders . They are intended to help parents keep kids away from the screen


Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 

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