Helping parents navigate lockdown

Build A Schedule     
Remember to
- Sleep and wake at the same time
- Set aside time for self  
(could be when kids sleep or when your partner is watching the kids)

Make Healthy Choices 
Remember to
- Plan healthy meals and cook at the start of the day
- Set aside time for workout
 ( Yoga, online workout classes, walking inside the house, dancing to a groovy tune)

Switch Off.    
Remember to
- Set boundaries when engaging with acquaintances/ family who are in the habit of sending worst case news
-Limit social Media time 
( endless scrolling can cause further anxiety)

Be realistic.    
Remember to
- cut your self some slack and be forgiving
- Set aside time for Gratitude
 ( Maintain a gratitude journal writing down all things that are good in your life)

Do things you enjoy.  

Remember to
- find time for your hobbies
-Create Something 
( creating is the best way to find happiness. For parents with small kids, combined creations projects like  baking, painting etc are an option)

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