Half yearly stock taking and Course Correction

As September comes to a close, the first half of the academic year comes to an end. How have you found the year thus far? Did you succeed in achieving your objectives? What areas of your life do you want to enhance?

Consider your initial goals as you get ready to dominate the second half of the year. Reevaluate and modify them in light of the difficulties you have already encountered. In the face of stress, well defined goals help refocus your attention and anchor your emotions. With projects, practice examinations, and board exams coming up in the upcoming months, it can be helpful to reflect on your progress and set new objectives.

Reasons Why Midyear Reviews Are Vital

You get closer to the board exams with each month that goes by. Mid-year evaluations inspire you and help you discover your mission. When you've just finished your midterm examinations and have a good grasp of your strengths and limitations, this is very beneficial. A self-review gives you the chance to evaluate your progress and identify the areas in which you require support and direction.

We frequently base the objectives we establish at the start of a year on the experiences and lessons we learned from the previous one. With time, we become more aware of the difficulties and see opportunities for growth in other areas of life. Your new objective can be to eat better or get more rest, for instance. A previous goal might also need to be adjusted to account for new routines, such as waking up earlier to study or cutting back on TV time to get more exercise. You can therefore obtain an improved version of your annual goals through midyear reviews.

Setting Mid Year Goals: A Guide

1. Examine

Do you recall a time when achieving a goal seemed nearly impossible? Now look at you! Take a look at your progress. Never forget that every deed, no matter how big or small, serves a greater good. Even if it takes 100 steps to attain a goal, 10 steps in the right way are still progress. So before you go on to your next task, acknowledge your efforts and enjoy your successes.

Make a note of the areas where you know you can improve as well. Write down what you would have changed about the template. Make sure the behaviours you wish to include in your daily agenda are realistic. Consider what encouraged or hindered your attempts to achieve a specific objective. This will help you develop a clear action plan that will help you reach your goal.

2. Describe

Be certain of your upcoming set of goals once you have a good comprehension of your past progress. Make it measurable and be as explicit as you can. Your motivation may be hampered by vague goals because you are less likely to have a plan for them.

Your objectives can be divided into different categories, like


  • Academics
  • A social life
  • Exercise and sports
  • Eating well
  • Community and family
  • Hobbies and passions
  • using a screen

Prioritize these objectives and check in with them frequently to make sure you are progressing. To avoid exhaustion, it is best to concentrate on three goals at once. Keep in mind that when you love the process, progress provides delight.

3. Be Sincere

Be realistic about your objectives; you are the best person to know them. Consider your abilities, skills, and mental capacity before setting a goal. You should now be reasonably aware of planned activities at school. Additionally, you are aware of the time and work they require. Pick objectives that you can achieve while maintaining your academic obligations. If you ignore the constraints that will be in your way, you'll be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Top Advice To Stay On Course

1. Encourage joyful thoughts
2. Develop Your Time Management Techniques
3. Exercise and practise meditation
4. Create A Habit/Goal Tracker

A self-evaluation aims to assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. You might use this activity to think back on your journey thus far. Utilize it as a tool to further your development rather than a method to make you feel overburdened. Never lose hope in your skills; just take things one day at a time.


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