Interesting Tenali Rama Story for kids to teach problem solving

Kids short stories are a great way to build conversations on a given topic. This story is an example of creative problem solving

This is an old story chosen from the stories of Tenli Rama.

We all know Tenali Rama was an intelligent minister in the court of Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara empire. His witty solutions and timely suggestions saved the king from many crisis and also it brought a lot of glory to the kingdom. A few other ministers in the court were jealous of Raman and were looking for an opportunity to get rid of hm.

One of the ministers came up with a plan. One day in the court, he said to the king that on the previous day, a goddess had appeared in his dreams and said that she wanted to have Raman as her sacrifice in order to keep the kingdom prosperous. The minister pressurised the king to agree. He unwillingly agreed. But Raman knew that there was something fishy about it. A deep pit was dug and Raman was buried into it!

Next day, Raman re-appeared in the court. Everyone was shocked to see him. He said that the goddess sent him back asking him to bring the minister who had, had her in his dreams. So, he had come to take the minister along.

The minister got scared and confessed his mistake and begged for mercy. The king punished the minister without sparing.

The previous night, Tenali Raman had followed the minister and had found out about his plan. So, he had set up a team to dig him out as soon as the other minister left the place

Moral of the Story

Tenali Rama stories are famed for their wit. These stories are a great entertainment for kids. They also help in building problem solving capability in kids. The more tough situations and more solutions kids read anout, the better their ability to analyse real world problems, connect dots and build solutions.

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