Fun Activities to do at Home with kids

Sometimes it’s just not possible to go out and enjoy the fresh air, and to tire out active and highly energetic children. But there’s lots of reasons we may find ourself stuck inside, not able to get out and play.

Activities for kids at home which we list here are to entertain them and Screen Free Time.

Math activities - Instead of worksheets, build numeracy skills through play.

1. Shape Hunt - Kids love a good scavenger hunt.It’s easy to play, and the kids are delighted when they realize that their familiar objects are composed of different shapes!

For the youngest in the house, go into a room, find objects that are of simple shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles, and ask them to write on the shape.

Literacy activities - Literacy development is a vital part of your child's overall development. Activities like talking, singing, reading, storytelling, drawing and writing help to develop your child's literacy.

Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt should be a workout for the brain with hints that require some thinking. Take a look at this ready-made list of clues about ordinary indoor objects. 

1. My job is to put an end to sleep, Which I do with music, a buzz, or a beep.

Answer - Alaram Clock

2. Turn me on, and I'll give you a light. I'm used some in mostly at night.

Answer - Lamp

Science activities - Use games and activities to explore the various branches of science that kids love, including life cycles, seasons, planets, animals, magnets, weather, states of matter (liquid, solid, gas) and skills including problem solving, observation, predicting, and classifying.

Life cycle - Ekdali Life cycle of Butterfly poster depicts the life cycle of a butterfly and there are some cool facts as well to teach the kids.

States of Matter - Science poster for kids depicting states of matter and some key pointers about the same. Ekdali States of Matter  poster depicts four cute monsters to represent different states. There are everyday examples given in the poster so that kids can relate to concepts in their daily life.


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