10 cool Facts about Beaver

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Beavers are rodents!! Yes, they happen to be one of the biggest rodents in the world

They are builders, they are one of those rare few Animals that have the ability to change the environment in which they live

They make dams and lodges.. They make these to create dry areas where they can live and store food during winter

Beavers are monogamous and mate for life. They live in families and both parents care for their kids. So baby Beavers live with their both parents, till they leave their homes to start their own families. They usually start their own families in their 3 years

The young ones of beavers are called kits.  The second year kits help in baby sitting the first year kits

Beaver front teeth keep growing for life.  They have large quantities of iron and that makes the teeth orange in colour.  Because they keep chewing bark and wood, their teeth continue to remain sharp for life

Some of the beaver lodges are so large and long they are visible from space. The longest beaver lodge is as long as 850m , that is just about 150 m less than a kilometer

Beavers can live under water. They use their lodges to store their cache and food and live under the ice. They have two set of  eyelids , one of them is like goggles, that they draw over their eyes when they want to see underwater.

Their tails are used as rudder when they are in ice. When on land the tails are used to help them balance.  They use the tails to slap on the ground to make loud noises that warns the other beavers of danger

Since the Beavers spend a lot of time underwater, they can hold their breath for long periods. Not a minute or two but a whole 15 minutes!!

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