Build Child's Social Skills at Home

Helping your child develop their social skills can make a lasting positive impact on their life. People with good social capabilities often know what to say when, how to behave in a variety of situations, and how to make good choices.

Some of the children choose up positive social skills on their  very own but some children need extra direct social skill instruction.

Read bedtime stories - Whatever the child’s age, reading together at bedtime is the perfect way to bring the day to a close. Discuss the characters and activities with in the story. Invite your child to share her thoughts and emotions with the aid of using asking questions.

Playing games together - Card, board games and outdoor games such as tag or hop-scotch offer built-in opportunities for supporting children learn. While playing games together, focus on fun rather than winning or losing.

Think out loud - When your child hears your questioning process, it allows her understand how to cope with frustration and solve problems.

Encourage children to talk about their emotions - Let them speak about their fears, anger, sadness, and hopefulness.

Describe activities in clear and easy language - This helps toddlers organize their thinking.


Contributed by Sudha - Mother of one - SEO and Content Head at Ekdali

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