Flashcards are Powerful tools for kids learning

Flashcards are small note cards used for testing and improving memory through practiced information retrieval. Flashcards are powerful tools for kids

learning the alphabets, numbers and math for kids of all ages starting with toddlers.

These are great handy resources for parents and teachers to make learning simpler and fun. Using them repeatedly helps kids learn faster through repetition and makes learning fun and interesting.

Animal flashcards are perfect for kids learning about animals. The cards have colorful illustrations from Ekdali Creative Brain Animal Flash Cards along with content to discuss habitats and how they help in the survival of Animals. Parents can make conversation about Animal Adaptation to habitat to talk about. These flash Cards will appeal to kids of all ages.

Activities for kids with flash cards at home or classroom which we list here

Memory activities - Memory games with flashcards exercise the brain. It's helpful to think of the brain like a muscle: the more we condition it, the
stronger it becomes. 

Quiz Game Actvities - Once Kids learn the various cards, you can have a fun quiz game , where you describe characteristics and Habitats of Animals and Kids can
try to Guess which Animal we are talking about.

At ekdali, we belive that family members need to build conversations with one another to have a healthy relationship . Parent to child two conversation is the
single most important tool in early child development.  However, as parents we often struggle to build conversations with kids, our Flash cards are designed to
have conversations about the Animal, ecology and environment between parent and child.  This is a great way for families to stay away from the screen.


Do check them here - FLASH CARDS


Contributed by Sudha - Mother of one - SEO and Content Head at Ekdali

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