Short Stories for Kids from the Mahabharat

Short Stories For KIds on Friendship:

At Ekdali, we believe that tech free is the best way for kids to grow. These two short stories for kids is a great way for parents to build conversations about friendship and loyalty

The story of Krishna and Arjuna:

Krishna and Arjuna were cousins.   But, their relationship was much deeper than that of just cousins. They were the best of friends. Friendship is not just about being there in your good times and hanging out with each other in coffee shops.

A friend has a very important responsibility, the responsibility of telling the truth.  A friend has the responsibility of ensuring that our friends take the right path in terms of mental turmoil.

The tension between the Pandavas and Kauravas was rising because of various conflicts.  Finally, when nothing would work the Pandavas chose to go to war with the Kauravas.

Arjuana was a great warrior. He was also a very compassionate man.  On the battle ground, Arjun saw that the other side had all his friends and family. He was overcome with passion and doubt.  He did not want to obtain the victory by harming so many people. Arjun drops his weapons and wants to stop the war.

Krishna then comes to advise Arjuna. Krishna understands the emotional turmoil in the mind of his dearest friend. He knows what his friend is thinking.  Krishna helps Arjuna come out of this doubt. He knows what will work with Arjuna, He reminds the reason why they started this war.  They started this war because the Kauravas had refused to give what belonged by right to the Pandavas. If the Kauravas were not confronted, it would send a very wrong message to the people that if you are strong you can be aggressors.

This talk by Krishna changed Arjun’s mind and he went into war whole-heartedly

Parenting Tip:

This story can be told to children when you want to bring out nuances in the world that we live in . When children see things as right and wrong, this short story is a great example to remind them that things are not always so binary.

When telling stories to kids, it is a great idea to make it into a two way conversation. In this case you can ask questions like. Do you think Krishna did the right thing by asking Arjuna to fight? Why do you think Arjuna was hesitant to fight?

The Story of  Duryodhana and Karna:

.Karna was the son of Kunti. But, she had given him up at birth. Karna was found and raised by a court charioteer.

Karna was a great warrior. He wanted to participate in a ceremony, which was a contest for warriors. He was not allowed to do this because technically the ceremony was meant for people of Royalty.Arjuna and the rest of the Pandavas put their foot down and said that Karna would not be allowed in the contest.Duryodhana saw this and supported Karna. He gave Karna a kingdom and made him compete in the ceremony.  From this event onwards, Karna remained the most loyal and true friend to Duryodhana

After many years, when the Kurukshetra war was about to begin, Kunti gets to know who Karna is and comes to request him to fight on the side of the Pandavas because he is their brother.Karna refused to fight on the side of the Pandavas. Karna knew that Duryodhana was on the wrong side; he also just got to know that he was to fight against his own brothers.  Despite this, Karna chose to fight with the Kauravas. He chose this because, he wanted to show gratitude to a friend who had helped him when he didn’t have anything.

Although Karna fought and died in the war, he has left behind a legacy, a legacy of friendhip, loyalty, gratitude and Charity.

Parenting Tip:

This is a story that illustrated that loyalty is foremost in any friendship. It is also a very important lesson in gratitude for young kids.


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