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Japan is called the land of the rising sun. It is an archipelago or group of islands. It consists of 6,852 islands. It is situated in the Pacific Ocean.


Official name: Japan

Capital: Tokyo

Official Language: Japanese

Currency: Japanese Yen

Continent: Asia

Population: 125.71 million

Major rivers: Shinano, Ishikari, Kiso, Teshio

Major Cities: Sapporo, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya

Major Mountains: Mount Fuji, Mount Kita

National Bird: The Green Pheasant

National Tree: Japanese Red Cedar Sugi

National Animal: Macaque Monkeys

National Flower: Cherry Blossoms

National Fruit: Persimmons



The Japanese islands are covered by mountains and most of them are heavily forested. Mountains occupy 80% of Japan’s land mass. There are about 111 active volcanoes. Japan has extensive marine life and mineral resources in the ocean. Due to the movement of the tectonic plates, Japan is struck often by earthquakes.

Japan has five distinct seasons, a warm spring, a hot and humid summer, cool autumn, cold winter, and a short rainy season.


The people of Japan are known for their hard work, kindness, politeness, punctuality, intelligence, and for being respectful. Buddhism and Shinto are widely practiced in Japan. Rice, vegetables, fish, and noodles are the basis of most Japanese diets. The popularity of Japanese cuisine is due to its versatile ingredients, which are not too spicy or very bland.

A very popular dish is Sushi. Sushi consists of cooked rice, flavored with vinegar and a variety of vegetables or raw seafood. The dish is served cold.


The national flag of Japan is a rectangular white banner, bearing a crimson red circle at its center. The Japanese call their flag “Hinomora”, meaning “circle of the sun”. The white color of the flag stands for integrity and honesty. The red dot represents the sun goddess.


The flora of Japan has a wide variety of plant species. There are about 4500 native plants. Matsu, sugi, Japanese pine and cedar are common throughout the archipelago. A plant that is native to Japan and represents Japan is Sakura the Cherry Tree.

Native fauna of Japan is the macaque monkeys, weasel, serow, squirrel, giant flying squirrel, and Amami rabbit. Some fascinating sea animals seen in the Sea of Japan are the Japanese spider crab, Japanese rough shark, giant squid, viper dogfish, firefly squid, normura’s jellyfish, scallops, mussels and cuttlefish


The popular sport played in Japan is baseball. Sumo wrestling and kendo are the native sport, but are not as popular as baseball. Other sports played here are tennis and football.


Tokyo Tower:  It is a communication and observation tower in Tokyo. It is the second tallest in the country. It was constructed in the year 1957.

Mount Fuji: It is the highest Mountain in Japan, with its graceful conical form. Apart from being a popular destination for tourists and climbers, it also attracts pilgrims, as it is considered sacred. Japan’s highest post office is located on the peak of Mt.fuji. It is surrounded by five beautiful lakes.

Tori Gate: Tori gate is a traditional Japanese gate, which is commonly found at the entrance of shrines. They mark the crossing from the normal world to the sacred world.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial: It is built in memory of the victims of the nuclear attack. It is the first city in the world to suffer a nuclear bomb attack, during the Second World War. It is visited by more than 1 million people every year.

Kiyomizu Der Temple: It is called the temple of pure water spring. It is built on Mount Otowa in Kyoto. It is a national treasure of Japan and is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The site is famous for the three-story koyasu pagoda, viewing platform and medicinal pure water of the Otowa spring.

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