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New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It has over 700 smaller islands. It is the sixth-largest island country by area.


Official name:  New Zealand

Capital: Wellington

Official Language: English, Maori, New Zealand Sign language

Currency: New Zealand Dollar

Continent: Australia/Oceania

Population: 5.12 million

Major rivers: Waikato, Clutha, Taieri

Major Cities: Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton

Major Mountains: Mount Cook, Mount Ruapehu, Tititea

National Sport: Rugby

National Bird: The Kiwi

National Tree: Silver Fern

National Fruit: Kiwi



New Zealand consists of two main islands - the North Island and the South Island. The North Island of New Zealand has a 'spine' of mountain ranges running through the middle, with gentle rolling farmland on both sides. The South Island is shaped by the Southern Alps which run along it from north to south.

New Zealand's climate is complex and varies from warm subtropical in the far north to cool temperate climates in the far south, with severe alpine conditions in the mountainous areas.


The MAORI are the Indigenous People of New Zealand. The majority of New Zealand is of European descent, the indigenous Maori are the largest minority, followed by Asians and Pacific Islanders. The New Zealand culture is open-minded and welcoming to people of all countries and cultures.

New Zealand's cultural influences are predominantly European and Maori. The emerging culture leans increasingly on Maori symbolism in art and literature.

The hangi is a traditional Maori form of cooking, where food like fish, meat, and kumara are smoked in a pit dug into the ground. This 'earth oven' is the perfect way to bring people together and cook a feast.

New Zealand - THE FLAG

The National flag consists of a blue field with the Union Jack in the canton and four stars, forming the Southern Cross constellation.


About 10–15% of the total land area of New Zealand is covered with native flora. Renowned native trees include Rimu, Totara, Matai, Kahikatea, and many species of ferns including the tallest tree ferns in the world. Other notable trees include the Cabbage Tree, the Nikau Palm which is New Zealand's only palm tree, and the Giant Kauri, which holds the record for the greatest timber volume of any tree on Earth.

New Zealand is known as the seabird capital of the world and is also home to several forest birds that live nowhere else on Earth. The moa, kiwi, tuatara, kokako, saddleback, huia, kakapo, native frogs, and giant carnivorous land snails are just some of the species that are unique to New Zealand.


Rugby union has the largest spectator following of all sports in New Zealand. New Zealand's national rugby team, the All Blacks, has the best winning record of any national team in the world and is currently ranked fourth in the world. Cricket, soccer, netball, and basketball, are among other popular sports.

New Zealand - Monuments and Landmarks

Hobbiton Movie set: New Zealand's rugged scenery was the location for much of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit films, but it was a 1,250-acre working sheep farm on North Island that became Hobbiton.

Aoraki/Mount Cook: Aoraki/Mount Cook, the mountain, the highest in New Zealand, is located in the Southern Alps. A popular tourist destination, it is also a favorite challenge for mountain climbers.

Auckland Tower: The Sky Tower is a telecommunications and observation tower in Auckland, New Zealand. The 29-meter Tower with its 15m viewing platform offers 360° views across Auckland Park, Bishop Auckland town, and the rural landscape.

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