Make It Friendly – Social Activities For Kids

Summer vacation is just around the corner (or has already begun! ), and kids are eager to be let out of their metaphorical cage to run wild and have fun. But, as you are well aware, days of doing nothing will rapidly result in a bored child in your hands. You need practical ideas to keep your child busy whether you are a work-from-home parent, a stay-at-home parent, or even work outside. Otherwise, they may be getting too much screen time, which is not good for them. Summer is a time to enjoy with friends and have fun. While there are many games they can play outside, we have included a few that they can perform indoors as well.

1. Plan A Treasure Hunt

You can organise a treasure hunt if you don't mind the home being turned upside down. Hide some items around the house and then create a treasure map with hints for the kids to find. It's a fun exercise to do with your friends.

2. Board Game Playing

To enjoy with friends, there are numerous board games available on the market. You can make one if you don't want to purchase one. There will be numerous web pages that will explain how to do it.

3. Indoor Bowling Alley

Place a cardboard package on a level surface. As bowling cues, use erasers or large crayon stubs. As the bowling object, use a ping pong ball or marbles. Voila! You have your own bowling alley.

4.Car Racing Track

This is a great activity to do with your pals. Make a zig-zag vehicle track on the floor with scotch tape. Now, kids can race their cars around the course, competing for the highest score or the cleanest run.

5. Movies to watch together

It is sometimes beneficial to do the mundane. Gather the entire family for a night of movies, refreshments, and entertainment. Summer vacation is for kids, but that doesn't mean you can't participate in the fun for a night or two.

6. Having a Sleepover with Friends

Allow the children to ask their friends for a sleepover. They can remain up all night watching movies, playing games, eating snacks, and having fun. After all, summer break is the season for sleeping in and waking up late.

7. Room Cleaning Competition

Set a timer for specific cleaning or organising chores and time the kids. Can they return the items in 5 minutes? Can all of the shoes that are lying around be organised on the shoe rack in under two minutes? Remember to have a reward available when the timer goes off.


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