Short Stories for Kids on Kind Deeds

Short Story One: The Kind Brother

There once were two brothers who resided close to the forest. The eldest brother consistently treated the younger sibling poorly. All of the food and the nice clothes were stolen by the older brother.

To find firewood to sell at the market, the eldest brother used to venture into the forest. He tore the branches off every tree he came across as he made his way through the forest until he came upon a mystical tree.

Oh, gentle man, please spare my branches, the tree begged before he cut off its branches. I will give you golden apples if you will spare me.

The eldest brother concurred, but he was unhappy with how many apples the tree had given him.

He ran to him and began lovingly and slowly removing each needle. The eldest brother expressed regret for mistreating his younger sibling after the needles were removed. The magical tree gave them all the golden apples they could possibly need after noticing the older brother's heart transform.

Moral of the story:

The younger brother is a kind person and his kindness is noticed by the mystical tree and he gets rewarded. Kind deeds never go unnoticed


Short Story Two: The Value of a Glass of Milk

An underprivileged young boy  spent his days selling newspapers door to door to help pay for his education. He began to feel down and weak one day as he was walking his route. The hungry child decided to knock on the door of the house next to him and ask for food.

Up until he knocked on the door of a girl, the poor youngster had repeatedly asked for food but had been turned down. He requested a glass of water, but the girl returned with a glass of milk after observing his impoverished condition. She refused to accept payment when the boy inquired how much he owed her for the milk.

Years later, the young woman, who was now an adult, developed a disease. She visited numerous doctors, but none were able to heal her. She eventually visited the greatest physician in town.

She had months of care from the doctor before she was ultimately healed. She was happy, but worried she wouldn't have enough money to pay the bill. But, the bill she received from the hospital stated, "Paid in full, with a glass of milk."

Moral of the story:

A small act of kindness by the young girl came back and saved her life years later. Kindness is the biggest virtue of mankind.


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