Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

Today’s kids average seven hours daily in front of electronics, such as television, tablets, laptops and phones. There’s no denying what the statistics
show — today’s kids are swapping active, outdoor play for a more sedentary lifestyle, causing severe consequences for their health and overall well-being.

Encouraging children to spend more time outdoors and away from technology aids their physical well-being, and helps them improve their emotional and intellectual health, too.

Getting outdoors, being in nature, and moving our bodies is good for everyone!

Healthy benefits of outdoor play

1. Physically healthier

2. More engaged in learning

3. More positive in behavior

4. Mentally healthier

Take advantage of the healing power of play in nature—near your home or neighborhood, or wherever you feel comfortable. Remember to dress appropriately for the weather. It's also a good idea to wash hands or use hand sanitizer during and after your adventure.

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