Ancients - Uttara (Abhimanyu's wife)

The second one of our ancients series .

Uttara, the Matsya Princess was Abhimanyu's wife. After the Mahabharata, she gave birth to Parikshit who would later become the Kuru king to rule Iron Age India. 

When the Pamdavs were in disguise, Arjuna was her dance teacher

Once King Virata realized who Uttaraa's dance teacher was, he immediately proposed to offer his daughter to Arjuna. However, Arjuna clarified to King Virata the doting relationship that a teacher has with his/her student is like that of a parent and child. He then proposed to make Uttaraa his daughter-in-law by marrying her to his son, Abhimanyu.

These events transpired nearly 5000 years ago in 3100 BCE

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