5 Healthy Habits that can be developed early

It is always said that, habits that are developed at an early age in children stays with them for a lifetime. Children are extremely receptive in their early years and can grasp healthy habits. Personal hygiene and good health are important facets of building a strong personality. Being creative while teaching these habits can make the process fun.

1.Healthy eating

If children are taught at an early age, about the various variety of food that can be tasty as well as healthy. They will enjoy their meals.Involve them while selecting their healthy food options, like vegetables, grains . Take them out for vegetable shopping, once in a while you can allow them to help you cook( handing over vegetables or grains), this will increase their interest in eating what was prepared at home.

2. Consistent physical activity

Encouraging and teaching your child to indulge in some form of physical activity is a great way to keep them active and fit. This could be taking the stairs instead of the elevator, playing outdoor games, going for short walks. This will help them incorporate physical activity in the later years.

3.Sleep is Important

Setting up a standard time everyday for your child to sleep, will help them get into the habit of sleeping on time. Watching late night Television or staying up on the internet should be a complete no, it is alright to indulge in it on a day or two during vacations but no everyday.

4. Cleanliness and personal hygiene

Keeping self and the environment clean is a habit that your child but inculcate from the early years. Starting with brushing teeth twice a day, flossing, washing hands before and after eating,throwing litter into the dustbin. These habits come a long way.

5. Social interaction

Teaching your child to interact with people is a good skill to be learnt. Meeting new people and welcoming them with a greeting is something you should teach your child this helps them develop healthy etiquettes. It rules out the possibility of feeling awkward or shy in front of new people.

Developing any new habit in a child takes time and patience, however as parents we are role models and we must practice each of these habits for our child to observe and follow.



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