5 Family Rituals that increase Family Belongingness

Each Family is unique and provides warmth in its own unique way to the kids. 

As parents we are often busy with our own schedules

Here are 5 simple Rituals you can build to spend more time bonding with the kids 

1. Make up a family motto. Sit together as a family and decide on something positive as a family motto. It could be something simple like " Live simple, love a lot". It could also be a cheering phrase like  - " Bhave , you have got it".  You can all come together and create a lovely handmade poster with the family motto and display it in the living room

2. Theme Meals - One day a week, can be a fun theme meal. Choose a Friday evening to have Pizza or every Sunday can be a Sundae Sunday

3.Gratitude  Time - This is one the most important qualities to built as a family. You can have an empty chart put up with family member names in columns and dates in rows. Each evening all family members can write something on the chart about what they are grateful for. It could be something as simple as  " Hot Morning cup of Tea" or " Meeting friends" or "Had a good playdate". 

4. Inside the Home Camping - Buy a tent!! put it up in the hall.Once a month, the whole family can sleep inside the tent camped in the living room!!  You can create smaller rituals around it . Before retiring, you can have fun family games or read to each other.

5. Unique Family Holidays - While Big days like Diwali, Christmas and Eid have their own charm, creating your own festivals can be fun too. For example, you can have a pink day where all family members dress in pink and create a pink painting. You can have a Ria Day or a Sister's day or a cousin's day  and do something special around that.

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