Are Jigsaw Puzzles good as Screen free activity ideas for kids?

In early 18th century, Jigsaw puzzles were created by painting a picture on a flat, rectangular piece of wood and cutting them into small pieces. Despite the name aJigsaw was never used to create it.

A cartographer from London named John Spilsbury is credited with commercialising the Jigsaw puzzle in the late 18th century. Since then, they are mainly made from cardboard.

The Jigsaw puzzle has its advantages. It is one of the best screen free activity ideas for kids out there in the market.

It helps in building analytical and problem solving skills in kids

In addition a large puzzle can be used by more than one kid to help them learn how to work as a team.

It also has a great shelf life . Kids can use it many times. And a parent can make the difficulty levels higher by assigning progressively lower timelines to finish it.

Now comes the tricky part, is it good to teach kids concepts - such as a world map or a biological system like the digestive system?  The answer is mostly no.  Because kids are focussed on putting the pieces together, rather than focussing on learning concepts from it. 

Storage. Most commercially available jigsaw puzzles are available in cardboard boxes that have a shirt life. Be sure to transfer them to sturdy reusable boxes and enjoy a splendid time playing as a family.

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