10 Cool Facts Jaguar for Kids

10 cool facts about Jaguar for Kids  :

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  1. The Jaguar lives only in the Americas. Their fur is usually orange. The rosette pattern is rings with a spot inside the ring.  But some Jaguars are so dark that you might think they don’t have any pattern
  2. The word Jaguar comes from a native American word  Yaguar, which means “kills the prey in one leap”
  3. If any of us have cats as pets, we know how much cats hate baths.  Jaguars are unlike cats in that way,  they love the water. They are very strong swimmers. They even hunt in water. In fact they prey on fish and turtles in the water
  4. Jaguars have a very strong Jaws and teeth. This is helpful for them in hunting. They can hunt animals larger than them because of this. In fact, because they have such strong teeth they prefer to crack skulls and not go for the neck like other predators.
  5. Their strong teeth also helps them in preying on shelled animals like tortoises and animals with thick hide like the crocodiles
  6. The Jaguar is the third biggest cat in the world, after the Lion and the Tiger. They are bulky and they need the bulk when they go for hunting large prey
  7. Jaguars can roar just like other big cats.
  8. Jaguars will eat almost anything.  They hunt other animals like tapirs, deer, capybaras and large Caimans
  9. The jaguars are solitary except the mamma Jaguars with the cubs. They mark their territory like other big cats
  10. The Jaguar Mamma usually gives birth to two cubs.  Sometimes, there may be even 4 cubs. The male cubs are usually 50% bigger than the female cubs


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