Ways to Support your Child's Language Development

Language development starts with sounds and gestures, then words and sentences. You can assist language development by talking a lotwith your child, and responding when your child communicates.

Parents play a vital role in a child's language improvement. Studies have proven that children who are read to and spoken during early childhood will have larger vocabularies and higher grammar.

Here are some of the games and playtime activities that integrate language learning

1. Jokes - Telling age-appropriate jokes will also help foster good humor and creativity in youngsters. This also encourages wordplay and imagination.

2. Word games - Playing word games helps to expand children's vocabulary. It can be play inside home by pointing out items at home or during a road trip.

3. Storytelling - Reading a story to your child with characters, Conflicts, adventure and a happy ending helps to improve their language skills.

4. By enjoying music together, children can learn rhythm of language. Make a time to enjoy music with your kids because children love music and movement.

5. Tongue twisters - Start with easy ones and work your way up. Tongue twisters are an amazing and a laugh manner to educate children in correct pronunciation and enunciation of words.

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Contributed by Sudha - Mother of one - SEO and Content Head at Ekdali

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