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In my home town, when I was about 16, we had new neighbours. They had set up a yoga centre in the first floor of their home. 20 years ago, small town India still hadn’t warmed up to the idea of any form of exercise — the extremely initiated uncles and aunties would go for morning walks, but thats about it! So a yoga centre was a novelty and many in the neighbourhood tried it. I must admit, I was not one of them. I started yoga, 2 years later at our neighbour’s yoga clinic . This was after a long and excruciating session at the workshop followed by an equally long crouching ( Pun intended) session in the Engineering Diagrams class had rendered my back sore.

A life long companion was discovered — I meant yoga. Seeing my overall well being, everyone else in my family took to it too. The benefits of yoga are numerous, there are scholarly articles around them. I’m no expert, but I did realise that is extremely beneficial and would recommend anybody who would listen to me to try it.

At ekdali, we make two kinds of posters — The first kind are the concept ones, where tough concepts are simplified and presented in a visually appealing way for the learner. Kindle curiosity and learn.

The other kind are usually habit reinforces, since we talk to a lot of parents we realised a little help from our side in forming habits is useful. Our Yoga Poster is one such resource. We created it in coordination with a yoga expert. It has 7 simple asanas that anyone with any fitness levels can practise.

Visual Reinforcement are great habit formers, put this poster in the hall/ drawing room, put on some soothing music and practice the asanas as a family in the morning. It will take exactly 12 minutes of your time ( yes, I tried and timed it) and slowly you will notice the difference. There is a reason why it is to be put in the hall, because when people visit they ask and when you talk about it, children realise that it is an important family ritual. As parents, we can all attest children love to do “important” things and slowly it becomes a habit.

The poster is available in two colors, pick one that is harmonious with the colors of your drawing room.

This Blog Post was triggered by all the International yoga day buzz I have been hearing this week. Happy exercising and wishing everyone the best of health and wellness

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