Two Short Stories for Kids on Valuing Oneself

Two Short Stories for Kids on Valuing Oneself

Story 1: The Lion that could not roar

Deep in a jungle lived many many animals. The lion was their king. A little cub was born to the lion and the lioness. They were delighted. The lion and  lioness were all set to teach the cub, the lessons of hunting, eating and all the tricks and secrets to tackle the prey and  lessons of managing the kingdom. Everything was going on according to t plan but there was one problem! The cub was not able to roar! The Lion tried very hard to teach the cub but all its effort went in vain. The Lion was just not ready to accept that the cub was not able to roar! The little one also started to worry thinking that there was a problem. But the lioness gave them confidence by saying that it does not matter if the cub could not roar now. Roaring was in his nature and a day and time would come, when the cub could roar.

Days passed and  years rolledon , the cub had become a young lion. He was majestic to look at, well built and strong but he still could not roar. On one sunny day, a hunter found his way in to the forest. He started to attack the animals. All the animals came running towards the lion’s den seeking for a rescue. Unfortunately, the papa lion was not there in its den. The young lion who was in his den came out hearing the bang and the loud noise. It was furious to see the hunter attacking the animals. In the absence of king, it became his responsibility to save the animal subjects. Gathering all its strength, the you lion roared. The roar came out so strong that  he hunter started to shiver and ran away

All the animals were awestruck to hear the younger one roar. The Lion and the lioness were trilled and super excited. The young lion also felt happy

Parenting Takeaway:

We all have talents within us. Sometimes it takes time to bring it out. We should not come to any sort of conclusion which would hinder our confidence and self-esteem.  Like the lioness said, we have to wait for the right time to realize and showcase our virtue.

In addition to this is also a nice lesson to kids, some kids might be able to something better sooner. This does not mean we get dejected and stop trying.

Story 2:  The crooked tree.

Once upon a time, in the little village of Hosaperampur there were two baby trees.  One was a Savukku tree and the other a Banyan tree.  The savukku tree started growing very fast. It also grew straight and beautiful. The Savukku tree used to pride itself on its straight stem and its pretty looks.

Being proud of oneself is a very desirable quality, but looking down on others is not.  Our Savukku tree did not know this simple lesson. He would keep taunting the Banyan tree because he felt the Banyan tree was crooked and not beautiful.

The Banyan tree on the other hand was a very nice tree, he responded to the savukku tree . I may not look as pretty as you, but i serve a purpose. I provide shadow to the children who come to play here.  my branch is home to many birds. This gives me a lot of happines. The savukku tree would just laugh at him.

One day some human beings with large saws came to the place where the trees stood. They discussed among themselves and wanted to cut down the savukku tree.Their rreasonw a that it was a straight and beautiful tree and they could make good furniture with it.

The savukku tree started crying and turned to the Banyan tree and said, "Please help me". The Banyan tree was home to many birds. The tree requested the birds for help. All the birds flew at once and started pecking at the poachers. They did not know what to do and ran away.

From that day on Savukku never made fun of the Banyan tree. In fact he also started offering his branches for the birds to make nests and used to sing songs and entertain children when they came to play

Parenting Takeaway: 

This short story is a great way to remind children about valuing what one can do instead of how one appears. 

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About the Writers:

Story 1 has been written by Smitha Prasad from A little more books.  Story has been curated by the content team at Ekdali



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