The Cat In The Bush and Other Short Stories For Kids

Cat in the Bush - A Short Story for Kids

Ram and Som were very good friends. Ram was an exceptional human being. He was compassionate and kind. Ram loved all beings. He loved dogs and cats too.

One day Ram and Som were walking on the road. They saw an Ice cream truck on the other side of the road. They both loved Ice cream and decided to buy some for themselves. Som volunteered, “ you stay here, I will buy ice cream for both of us.”

So saying, Som crossed the road carefully and reached the ice cream truck. He bought two ice creams and was waiting to cross the road. While Ram was waiting for his friend to come,  he saw a cat trapped in a bush and was struggling to escape.

Ram was a kind hearted young man, he couldn’t stand to see the plight of the cat and at once when to help the cat get out of the bush. The cat was scared, it didn’t realize that Ram was trying to help it. The cat scratched Ram and cause injury to Ram’s hands. Each time Ram tried to touch it, the cat continued to scratch him.

By now, Som had crossed the road. He looked at what Ram was upto and said, “ The cat is hurting you!!  And you are trying to help it!! Why don’t you leave it alone and lets have the ice cream before it melts.”

But Ram who continued his efforts in  helping the cat did not listen to  Som and tried to free the cat. Then he said to Som, "The cat is an animal. And it is hurt. It is not hurting me on purpose. It is the cat’s nature to defend itsef.  I am a human being. I understand these things, that is why it doesn’t matter what the cat does and I must help it.”he said that.

Som understood what Ram was saying and realized his mistake. Som ran to the shop and bought milk for the cat.  The two friends together got the cat out of the bush made the cat drink milk and took it home with them. Now the cat Ram and Some three are very thick friends.

Parenting Take Away:

This story is a great way to build conversations about reciprocity in social situations. It also shows about scales of measurement and judgment of ones own behavior with respect to others,

The Story Of The Needle Tree

Once upon a time, two brothers lived in a small village. The older brother was always unkind to his younger brother. The older brother took all the food and snatched all the good clothes from his younger brother. But the younger brother was not angry with his older brother. He respected and love his older brother.

The older brother went into the forest in search of firewood to sell. As he walked through the forest, he chopped some branches and tied them together to sell. Finally he reached a magical tree.

The magical tree stopped him before he chopped its branches and said, “Oh, kind sir, please spare my branches. If you spare me, I will provide you with golden apples.”

The oldest brother agreed. The tree gave him one golden apple. He was got very excited. He was also a bit greedy and threatened to cut the entire tree if it didn’t provide him with more apples. . The tree wanted to teach the older brother a lesson. Instead of giving more apples, the tree gifted him with hundreds of tiny needles. The brother fell to the ground, crying in pain.

The sun began to set. The younger brother became worried, because his older brother did not return for long time. He went to search for his older brother. He saw his older brother under the tree, throbbing with pain with hundreds of needles on his body.

He rushed to him and started to carefully remove each needle with love. Once the needles were out, the oldest brother apologized for treating his younger brother so badly. The magical tree saw the change in the older brother’s heart and gifted them with all the golden apples they could need.

The brothers thanked the tree and returned home happily.

Parenting Take Away:

This is a story with magical realism and is meant as a lesson for siblings to love and respect each other.

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About the Author:

These short stories were written by Jasmine. Jasmine is a editor, proof reader and a children's short story writer. She writes in English and Tamil. In her free time she likes to read, travel and work on her organic farm.


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