Some early learning concepts

How Language develops in toddlers?

From birth on, humans are programmed to develop speech and language. The first five years are the most important. However, language development continues throughout early childhood and into adolescence. During the first five years, stimulation of language development is essential as the brain is developing new nerve cells as well as multiple connections between these cells to serve the function of expressive and receptive language. Visual cues, prompts, expressing different shapes and sizes, social interaction with kids & adults are all ways through which kids learn to express themselves.

How numeracy skills develops in kids?

Numeracy is the ability to recognise and apply maths concepts in life. Numeracy skills involve understanding numbers, counting, solving number problems, measuring, estimating, sorting, noticing patterns, adding and subtracting numbers, and so on.

Children start learning numeracy skills from the time they’re born. This learning happens from watching and experiencing numeracy in action, especially in everyday play and activities – Asking for 3 sweets, counting fingers, counting friends, asking five more spoons – All these activities help them comprehend numeracy

What are learning aids?

A learning aid is something intended to enhance learning and retention by the learner. They can be aid learning through one or more of the below routes

 Visual – Learning charts, maps, picture books

Auditory – Audio stories, Animal sounds

Kinesthetic -  Using  combinations of visual & auditory to learn by doing

 What is creativity?

 A kid’s world is filled with magic. Their imagination is boundless. Creativity is the most relaxed form of self-expression. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves openly and without judgment. The ability to be creative, to create something from personal feelings and experiences, can reflect and nurture children's emotional health. The experiences children have during their first years of life can significantly enhance the development of their creativity.

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