Short story for kids on collaboration as a tool for winning

Once upon a time, in the forest, there lived a gang of deers. The young deers loved playing outside in the sun and spent all their day relaxing


One day, a large wolf appeared and declared, "This is my forest, and I am bigger and stronger than you." So you must leave the jungle by tomorrow or I shall destroy your home."


The deers did not know what to do. That evening they came together and discussed what can be done. They invited some elder deers from their family as well. The elder deers proposed that they dig a hole and cover it with sticks and stones. The wolf would not realise and fall inside


"How are we going to do that?" one of the young deers wondered. One deer in the group was more friendly that usual, he had made friends with the rabbits. He told that group that he could get the rabbits to dig a hole just like how they dig their burrows. 


And so, the young deers went to meet the rabbits, The rabbits agreed to assist because the deers were always friendly to them. In addition, they didn't like the wolf's arrogance.


It took them all night, but they finished it by dawn. They all hid among the trees in the morning. The wolf appeared and barked at them to pack their belongings and leave the forest right away. The wolf fell into the trap because he wasn't looking where he was going.


All of the animals came to see the wolf stuck in the hole. The wolf kept requesting to be allowed out of the hole, but the deers responded responded, "We would've, but since you've been so mean to us, we won't let you out." The wolf then pledged that he would never tell them to leave the forest or be cruel to them. Even this didn't do the trick. The wolf had to pledge to leave the forest.


The deers and the bunnies forgave the wolf and slipped a large stick down the hole to allow the wolf to climb out..

Moral of the Story:

There are two important morals. Being arrogant is bad in the long run. Secondly if you can collaborate with well wishers like how the deers collaborated with the bunnies, you can achieve anything


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