Short Stories for kids with Morals

The devoted mother

A mother duck and her young ducklings were on their way to a lake one day. The ducklings enjoyed following their mother and quacking along the way.

Suddenly, the mother duck noticed a fox in the distance. She was terrified and cried, "Children, get to the lake. "There is a fox!"

 The ducklings ran to the water. The mother duck pondered what to do. She then began walking back and forth, dragging one wing on the ground.

When the fox spotted her, he got thrilled. He told himself, "It appears she is injured and unable to fly! "I can easily catch and eat her." He rushed towards her.

  The mother duck fled, guiding the fox away from the water. The fox followed her. Now he couldn't hurt her ducklings. The mother duck looked at her ducklings and noticed that they had arrived at the lake. She was relieved, so she paused and took a long breath.

The fox believed she was exhausted and approached, but the mother duck immediately expanded her wings and ascended into the air. She landed in the middle of the lake, and her ducklings swam towards her.

The fox looked at the mother duck and her ducklings with amazement. The mother duck had deceived him well. He couldn't approach them since they were in the center of the lake.

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Real Solutions to Problems

A group of people was working at a software business. The team consisted of 35 engineers. This was a youthful, active, and dynamic crew with a strong drive to learn and develop. The management wanted to teach the staff how to discover actual solutions to their difficulties.

The team had to play some team bonding games 

The team leader instructed everyone to take a balloon from the box and blow it. Everyone excitedly chose a balloon and blew it.

The team leader then instructed them to carefully put their names on their balloons so that they would not blow up. Everyone attempted to write their names on the balloons, but not all succeeded. A couple balloons burst owing to pressure, therefore they were given another chance to use another balloon.

  Those who failed to indicate their names even after the second chance were eliminated from the game. After the second opportunity, 20 workers qualified for the next stage. All of the balloons were collected and put in a room.

The team leader instructed the employees to go to the room and select the identical balloon with his name on it. He also urged them not to blow up any balloons and to be extremely cautious!

  All 25 employees entered the room, where balloons with their names were flung here and there. They were looking for the corresponding balloons with their names. They tried not to burst the balloons as they rushed to find them. After over 15 minutes, no one could find the balloon with his own name.

The crew was informed that the second level of the game had ended.

This is the third and final level. They instructed the staff to select any balloon in the room and present it to the individual indicated on the balloon. Within a few minutes, all balloons had reached the hands of their respective employees and they had won the challenge 

What one cannot accomplish as an individual, one can accomplish as a team


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