Short Stories for Kids with Moral

These short stories are brough to you by Team Ekdali.

The Story of The Fox and the Drum

In a huge forest, there lived a group of lions. They were ruthless hunters. All the other animals were scare of them.

There was a group of fox. Among them was a very young fox, cuurious and anxious to learn all the lessons of hunting. He was very courageous and witty too. He used to say that one day or the other he would bring an end to the lion's reign of  horror.

One morning, the animals around heard a strange noise! They were frightened. It was very loud and continuous. They thought it must be a sound of a strange powerful animal. They were even scared to go out of their homes to see what the source of the sound was.  The witty young fox started to explore the sound. After walking for a while in the direction of the sound, he saw a group of human travelers from the village ]r. They were constantly beating a drum. The fox got scared to see the humans. But, as he observed he understood that it was not any animal who was roaring but this instrument(drum) that made the huge sound. He patiently waited for a while . When the humans were sleeping, the forx,slowly moved towards the drum. He saw a big loop of rope attached to it. He put it on himself and started to walk. He got an idea! He slowly walked to the area of the lions, placed the drum and started to beat it with its legs. The noise of the drum started to spread all over the forest again. The lions who were enjoying a meal, became alert. They started to panic. The lions thought it was an animal huger than themselves and ran away to another part of the forest.

The fox took the drum  home. When ever he saw the lions returning to their original place, he used to beat the drum. Fearing the sound, the lions migrated permanently from that part of forest!

Everyone praised the fox for its wit and smartness.

Moral of the story:

This story teaches that when we are faced with problems, instead of running and hiding, we should look for solutions. The Young fox was always on the look out for solutions to the problem. When an opportunity presented itself, he took it and solved not just his problem but the probelm for the whole forestJustice

The Story Of The King's Justice

This story is loosely based on a tale from Panchantantra, a collection of sanskrit tales that originated many years ago in India.

Once to the court of a well-known king, entered a farmer and a business man. They wanted the king to give justice for their dispute.  

The farmer had purchased a well from the business man. The business man was very rich. He had a lot of shops and a big complex. He was famous for his business skills and sharp mind. Seeing the innocence of the farmer the business man thought of playing a trick to get more money. He sold the well to the farmer, when the farmer went to draw the water from the well, the business man said that he had sold only the well but not the water. The water still belonged to the business man and the farmer had to pay money to use the water from the well. The farmer was perplexed. He tried to explain the businessman but he did not oblige. So, the farmer went to the king with the complaint.

Hearing the above incident, the king got to know the wicked thought of the businessman. The king wisely said that if the well belonged to the farmer, then why did the businessman store his water in farmer’s well? As the well belongs to the farmer, now the business man has to either draw all the water from the well and store it somewhere or pay rent to the farmer for storing his water in farmer’s well!

Hearing the statements of the king, the business man got baffled. He understood that the king had noticed his wrong intentions. Before the king passed a judgement, he thought he should withdraw the case. He pleaded the farmer to take back the complaint by saying that the water also belonged to the farmer from now. He will not interfere in any of his business!

The farmer thanked the wise king and happily took back the complaint.

Moral of the Story 

This is a fun story to tell kids to explain that being smart is great but being greedy is not good. The Business man in thos story was being greedy. It also teaches us to be fait while doing our business and not cheat others


Story 3: The virtue of an able leader

In a big sports complex of St. Clarks city,  there were bunch of kids who used to meet and play regularly. There were about twenty kids. One day the two coaches at the complex  thought of having some competitions. They decided to have a relay race and divided the gang of kids into two groups - Group A and B. One of the coach chose the best of the best runners for his group,  the other one had no choice but was left with the “non chosen” ones. They decided the date for the competition would be three days later. They all started to practice for the upcoming relay race

The Group A kids were enjoying their practice sessions. All of them were pretty good in running. They also knew that the other group was not so good. They were more confident of winning. The coach also was more chilled out and made them do some running sessions. It was not same with Group B. The kids here were nervous. They had almost concluded that they would not win the race. But the coach here was different. He addressed them and said that it was not important for them to win but wit as important to take part in this. He motivated them to take the race as a chance to prove that they can also give a tough fight. He added saying that in any game it is natural that one wins and the other loses. He concluded  that they had 2 choices, either  not take this game seriously or to consider this game as a golden opportunity to prove tp themselves that they can oush their limits by raising their standards

The players were amazed  at the pep talk by their coach. No one had spoken to them like this before. The coach’s speech opened up new horizons for them.  They were charged. They immediately started to practice. The coach also joined them. They together worked out.

The race started. It was a feast to the viewers. It was unbelievable for the opponents. The team B performed very well. All the players gave their best. Team B won! Exceptional victory for the team. Team A congratulated them on their success. The team B handed over the trophy to their coach and said that the coach was completely responsible for their victory.

Moral of the Story

Motivation charges the energy within us. It helps us push our limits and achieve our goals. We should try to give our best. Be it in studies, sports or arts. Instead of thinking on the end result, we should think of ways to utilize our skills in “playing” the game. Then, automatically winning becomes easy. It builds a strong self- esteem and confidence.

The role of a coach sets an example for a good leader. A leader always tries to cheer and inspire his followers by his actions.

Story 4: Helping each other!

Akila was a cheerful girl studying in grade 4 at St Marry’s school in a town in India. She was kind and helping. She was the topper of the class. Her teachers and her friends like her a lot.

Her parents were working. So, after school was over her Nanny Ellama used to pick her up, take her home and make some snacks until her parents  would come back from work. One day, Ellama brought her daughter Gowri along with her. Akila started to talk to her. While chatting with Gowri, Akila got to know that Gowri was selected for the Kho-Kho team of her school. But was unable to take up the practice and participate in matches because of their financial conditions. Akila felt very bad for Gowri’s situations. She thought of an idea.

Next day she went to school and shared this with her friends. They all begin to think as to how could they help Gowri. Akila suddenly remembered something. She had seen a poster of a dance competition which would fetch Rs 3000 for the winning team. Akila and her friends decided to participate in the competition. Their plan was to practice hard and win in the competition and donate the money to Gowri.

They practiced day and night. They did well in the competition too. But there many many better performances. They bagged third prize in the competition. They won a cash price of Rs.1000.

When they gave the money to Gowri, she jumped up with joy. She bought a pair of shoes, a uniform and paid her membership fee to the sports institute as well.

All the parents were very proud of their kids.

Moral of the Story:

This story is a great way to teach kids kindness.

Story 5: A search in the light

Omi had a large family. His father had 4 brothers. They are lived in different places. But during the summer holidays, all the families used to met in a huge farm house. It had a big house of around 20 rooms! It also had cows and buffaloes. In their farm there were many trees of Mango, papaya, banana and coconut. Omi and his brother used to meet their 11 cousins in every summer.

One day in the farm, Omi was in search of his favorite hot wheels car! He and his cousins were playing “hide A treasure” and while searching for the treasure he went inside a bush. He found the treasure but while coming back his favourite car fell down from the pocket. He had not noticed it. While having dinner, he realized that the car was not there in his pocket. He started looking for it.

His grand pa called him and said “the whole evening you were playing outside, but you are now searching for the car inside the house. Why don’t you look outside also?”  Omi replied  -“Grand pa, I know, actually my car might be outside. But there is no light there! how can I search? So, I am searching where ever there is light”

Grandpa laughed and said, “Dear Omi, you should search where you have lost it not where there is light” I will give switch on the torch light you search in the compound outside, you may find it.” Grandpa switched on the torch. Omi luckily got the car near the bush! He thanked his grandpa.

Moral of the Story:

This story symbolizes that, when we want to achieve something, we should work in all the areas. Not only ones in which we are comfortable. If we know the problem is in some area, we need to figure out a solution for the problem and not create a solution which we think we are comfortable in.

Story 6: The Missing Penncil box!

In the city of Kushalnagara there were 2 friends - Abrahim and Sheza. They went to the same school. They were neighbors too. One day Abrahim got a new pencil box which was very attractive. When he showed it to his friends, they liked it a lot too. Especially Sheza.

It was lunch time in the school. The kids usually had their lunch in the lunch hall. After coming back from lunch, Abrahim found that the box was missing!  He started to search in the class, when he could not find it, he complained to his teacher. The teacher warned the class and said if someone had taken it its better, they give it back. But no one responded. The same evening, when Sheza was walking to her music class, she saw her classmate, Adi. He was holding the pencil box! Sheza immediately followed him to confirm whether her guess was right. Adi went inside a shop keeping the box in his bag. He kept his bag outside. Sheza took the pencil box and re confirmed whether it was the same box. It was, Abrahim had written his name on it. She took the box came home. She decided to complain this to the teacher also. She kept the box on her table and went to tell Abrahim. Abrahim meanwhile came to her place to play with her. Seeing his pencil box on her table he became furious. Even before Sheza started to explain, he took the box and yelled at her. He said that he will never talk to her for the thing that she has done. Sheza tried to explain but he was not in a mood to listen. He had concluded that she had stolen his box. He complained to Sheza’s parents also. They also scolded Sheza. She felt very bad.

Next day in the class, Sheza explained everything to her teacher. Adi confessed his mistake. The teacher praised Sheza for doing the right thing. Everything fell at place except for the friendship of Sheza and Abrahim. He felt guilty for what he did, he apologised and slowly they became friends again

Moral of the stroy:

“Think before you leap”. The story explains this proverb very well. Sometimes what we see and hear may not be full truth. Before coming to a conclusion and passing judgement, we should analyse and reconfirm whether we are thinking in the right direction. Because the actions that we take without thinking may lead wrong repercussions. 

These short stories are brough to you by Team Ekdali. Do take a look at all our other offerings


Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 

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