Short Stories for kids on using our unique talents

A long time ago, there was a Giraffe named Rahul who was kind to everyone. He was, however, dissatisfied with his lengthy neck. His buddies teased him about his long neck, which made him very upset. Charlie's friend asked him to a house party one day. He was overjoyed and put on his nicest suit and bow tie.

Rahul was going to enter his friend's house when his head collided with the wall, preventing him from entering due to his long neck. Everyone began to laugh and make fun of him. Rahul's eyes welled up with tears, and he went away weeping. He was running so rapidly that he had no idea where he was headed. "I despise my long neck," he told himself. It makes me appear foolish. "I'll never be useful to anyone." He soon found himself in the woods, unable to find his way back home. Rahul fell asleep behind a large tree, exhausted from all the sobbing and running.


Rahul awoke in the morning to the sound of someone sobbing bitterly. He peered around but couldn't see anything. He then inquired, "Who is crying?" "Prove yourself!" "It's me!" a trembling voice said. I'm standing at your feet. "Take a look down!" Rahul bowed down to observe a little plant with tears in its eyes at his feet. When asked why it was sobbing, the plant explained, "I am unable to grow because the tall trees block all of the sunlight from reaching me." I, too, aspire to be as tall as they. And it's not just me; there are a lot of us." Rahul felt sorry for the plants and considered how he might assist them.


He had an inspiration! He assured the little plants that he would assist them.Rahul reached the limbs of the big trees with his long neck and ate enough leaves to let sunlight to reach the ground. He did not, however, consume all of the leaves, allowing even the towering trees to live. The little plants were overjoyed and began singing and reveling in the sunlight. They expressed their gratitude to Rahul and became good friends with him. Rahul realized that he, too, could be of service to others and that he should be proud of his excellent characteristics.


Every person has some secret skill and nice attributes. Everyone is endowed with something unique, and we must work hard to maximize our potential. We should learn from Rahul's narrative not to give up or underestimate ourselves. We were created in a certain way for a specific purpose, and the proper people will always appreciate and recognize our accomplishments. So put forth the effort and be excellent. If you liked this Giraffe story for kids, you can find more animal and moral stories on our website.

A Story of Foolish Imitation

A hawk once dwelt on the top of a hill. A banyan tree at the bottom of the slope served as a daily perch for a crow. The crow was quite stupid. He tried to emulate everyone.


Every day, the hawk on top of the hill would soar down in quest of food. The crow sat for hours watching the hawk hovering in the air and swooping down when he saw his prey. The hawk, endowed with long-distance vision, would detect his prey from the hilltop and then fly down to pounce on it.

"Hunh!" thought the crow as he watched the hawk. If the hawk can accomplish it, so can I. What is his opinion? I'll show the hawk one day that I can accomplish the same thing."


A few days later, as the hawk was circling in the sky, the crow did the same. Suddenly, a baby rabbit appeared from the bushes. The hawk and the crow both spotted the rabbit.

The hawk swooped down, snatched the rabbit in his powerful, sharp claws, and soared away before the crow could react. "Swoosh!" was all the crow heard as the hawk and his victim vanished into the sky. "Hmmph! "That isn't much of a skill," grumbled the crow.


He then noticed a large plump mouse emerge from a hole. The bird flew down without delay. He tried to capture the mouse with his claws like the hawk.

But when the mouse noticed the crow and moved away, the crow collided with the hill. In anguish, the crow exclaimed, "Eeeaaaa!"

The bird then came soaring down. "I hope you realize now that hunting is not easy, and imitating is even more difficult," the hawk stated as he soared away.


After that, the crow never mimicked anyone.

Throughout its existence. It was content with its God-given powers.

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