Short Stories for Kids on Unique Strengths and Honesty

Short Story One: Who is the best?

In a huge farm, there were many kind of trees. The farm was a feast to look at. There were apple , mango, coconut,  banana  and Peepal trees.

One day all the trees in that farm had a small discussion which turned into a small fight. They were trying to decide who was the best tree among all. The apple tree started by saying that apples are very good for health. They contain a lot of nutrients like carbohydrates, fibre and protein which is essential for immunity and growth. The mango tree laughed and  said that the mangoes are rich in vitamins, calcium and carbohydrates. They are loved by people of all ages, they are useful for making many things like making juices, pickles candies and so on. The coconut tree objected and said that it was the best because people not only use the coconuts for cooking food, extracting oil, but also it is used in rituals at temples. The coconut trees leaves are used for making tatched roofs.  The Banana tree then started putting its point forth, It is very easy to digest and it is filling. It contains a lot of fibre and potassium; it has medicinal values. Its branches and flowers are used in cooking  and it leaves are  used as a serving a plate to eat dishes.  There was  Peepal tree which was hearing all this stopped them all by saying that it is  very huge and it houses many birds, rodants, insects. Its shade is a home for monkeys and other animals too.

There was a hibiscus flower ,which was watching all this closely. She interrupted all of them and said, that they were all equal and every tree had its uses and this was the reason they were ll planted in the farm in the  first place. Instead of fighting with each other they should learn to live in harmony.

Parenting takeaway:

This is a beautiful story to illustarte that each one of us is unique and we each have our  own set of strengths. We could cooperate with each other, so that our strengths would be multiplied rather than fight with each other and always compete.

Short Story Two: Who is the school captain?

St Marry’s residential school was a big school with a huge campus. It was in the outskirts of Himachal Pradesh. There was a huge hillock behind the school. The school looked at its best when the hillock was covered with snow. Every year, the school would conduct elections for school captain, vice- captain, president and other offices.  

One such year, there was a tough fight for the school captain’s role. There were 5 students who were very strongly contending for the role. The headmaster of the institute decided to give a task to those students. Whoever won the task would become the captain. He called them all and gave them an empty pot each! He gave them some seeds as well and said, that whoever could grow a plant in the pot successfully, would become the president. The students immediately filled the pot with mud and planted the seeds. Everyday, they watered the pot.

One of the contenders name was Saurab. He was the favourite candidae Days passed; the plants started to grow in everyone’s pot except in saurab’s Pot. He tried everything he could but the plant just wouldn’t grow. On the day of results, het took the empty pot to the assembly. All the other 4 other students came up to the principal with their beautiful plants. Everyone started to make fun of him. After seeing all the plants, the principal announced Saurab as the school captain! Everyone was surprised to know the results. The principal said, that he had given such seeds that would not yield. He wanted to test the integrity among the contenders. The other had grown the plants by sowing some other seeds in the soil. Saurab was the only one who brought back the empty pot honestly.

Parenting Takeaway:

Honesty and integrity pays. We must not choose a wrong path to win or gain something.

These short stories for kids are created with the intention of building conversations with kids. Take a look at our other conversation starters


Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 

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