Short Stories for Kids on Unique Solutions to Problems

Story One : A Funny story with rats

In a big bungalow, in a place called Tarapur, lived a group of rats! They had made a comfortable house in the bungalow. They would run everywhere in the house without any fear. The people in the house tried very hard to get rid of these little creatures but, all their efforts were in vain.

The rats were not ordinary, they were smart! They never got used to their luxurious life. The house was big and there were many people. So getting daily bread was not a problem for them. They were always alert and would cautiously observe for changes in the house. They had created at least 5 paths to reach the kitchen. Everyday they followed a different path to confuse the people living in the house.

On the other hand, the people also were desperately waiting to send these unwanted guests out of their house. They had tried all possible ways. But, everything had failed. One day, a small boy in the house gave them an idea. He said that they can keep fresh mango juice in bottles which had small mouths! When the rats keep their mouth into the bottle to lick the juice, their mouth would get stuck!

As planned the rats came, one by one saw the bottles, went near then. The lid was kept open. So far, everything was going according to the boy’s plan , when one of the rats came running to the other rats and showed them another way to drink the the juice! That rat put it’s tail into the bottle and licked its tail to drink the juice.  Seeing that rat, all the other rats copied doing the same.  They enjoyed the drink but the people again got disappointed!

Parenting takeaway

This is a great story to showcase that there is always more than one solution to a problem. It also showcases that once someone finds a solution, it is very easy for others to follow.

Story two: Knowledge and Presence of Mind

Long ago in a village near Patna, a great guru had a hermitage. Many students from neighbouring places studied here. The guru had earned a very good reputation. He taught the kid values of life, apart from educating them in general knowledge, science, maths and language.

There was a small group of people who did not like the Guru for his name and fame. They were trying to put him down.

One day the chief minister of the state was supposed to visit the hermitage. This was going to become a great event. Many people wanted to be present on the occasion. The people who were waiting to bring down the glory of the guru thought that it was the right opportunity to create some mischief and dent the reputation of the guru. If they manage to prove that the guru was corrupt in front of hundreds of people, they would win.

They decided to play a trick. They asked a boy to catch hold of a small bird and hide it in his fist. Holding the hands behind, they asked the boy to question the guru, whether the bird in his hands was alive or dead. If the Guru replied that the bird was alive,  they asked the boy to smash the bird in his hands and say that the bird was dead and vice versa. Hence, they could prove that the guru was only bluffing in front of people and was not all knowing.

On the day of the event, when the boy asked the same question in front of the chief minister and several others present there, the guru smiled and replied, - “Well the bird is in your hands. If you kill it, it will die, if you don’t it will be alive. Its life and death right now is dependent on your actions”.

Listening to the answer, the boy fell down at the feet of the guru and apologised for even attempting to test his knowledge. Everyone hailed the guru.

Parenting Takeaway

A beautiful story to showcase that presense of mind is needed to solve problems.

These are free short stories for kids and are intended as conversation builders around topics relevant in today's context.  Do check out more of our short Stories

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Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 



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