Short Stories for Kids on Respecting Elders based on a Panchantantra Tale

Once upon a time, in a forest bordered by a tiny village, lived a bunch of monkeys. They loved their life. The forest was filled with trees. Many of these trees bore fruit and the monkeys fed on the sweet berries and other fruit that the trees bore. 

When they were not plucking and eating fruits, they would be jumping around the branches and enjoying themselves.  The senior monkeys had a group, they would sit around and chat. The junior monkeys were part of another group. The junior monkeys were very energetic and would jump and play around a lot.

One of the junior monkeys, Vibuthi, was very naughty. She would jump and play a lot more than the others. She would play pranks on the senior monkey group. She would go dangerously close to the human settlement. Everyone was a bit weary of her and when they advised her she would never listen

One day, they saw a group of humans approach the forest from the village. The senior monkeys knew that they had to steer clear of the humans. They advised the young monkeys to do the same. The junior monkeys were more curious than ever. They approached the humans and saw from a distance what they were up to.  They realised that the humans were using logs and wood and building something.

Most of the junior monkeys then ran away. But, Vibuthi wanted to take a closer look. So he waited behind a tree and watched. Once the humans were away for a break, he approached the place  where they were working. 

The senior monkeys warned him not to go, but he would not listen and started playing there. 

The humans had split a log and had put a wedge to ensure the logs remained split.. Vibhuti out of curiosity removed the wedge and the logs snapped back together and she was caught in between. Any guesses on what might have happened

Moral of the story:

If Vibuthi had listened to the senior and more experienced monkeys, he would have been safe.


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