Short Stories for Kids on Competition and Safety

These stories are adapted from Panchantantra Tales and are filled with time less Indian Wisdom

Short Story 1: Competition

Once, there was a fight over which force was stronger between the sun and the wind. The wind asserted that he was more powerful than the sun, but the sun countered that he was stronger.

Obviously, this was a pleasant debate, but there didn't seem to be a conclusion. They both agreed after a long discussion that just conversation would be pointless. Practically speaking, they need to demonstrate their point in some way.

They suddenly noticed a traveller crossing the street. The sun had an inspiration and told the wind, "Let's use that man to gauge our strength. We will declare the winner if one of us can make him remove his jacket. Have your opportunity first."

After saying this, the sun went to hide behind some clouds.

The wind began to change. He sent forth a blast of ice. But the traveller clung his cloak to his body more tightly the harder he blew. The wind tried every trick and attempted everything. He hurled his  strength in vain from every direction. Gradually, his belief in his own greatness began to crumble. The wind eventually gave up 

The sun was now taking a turn. The cloudy area that had been acting as a veil earlier was gently set aside by him. The sun now stood erect in the open field. He started to radiate light in all directions. The sun's warmth was felt by the traveller. The sun then steadily got hotter and hotter. The traveller initially loosened his jacket before finally removing it. He started to sweat. He fanned himself while sitting in the shadow of a tree.

The sun showed his superior strength to the wind.

Moral of the Story: 

We each have our unique strengths. When we compete with others in their strength areas we will lose. In this case, it is obvious that the sun’s strength is warmth and so removing the jacket would be easy. If on the contrary the wind had suggested that, he would make some one wear a jacket, the sun would have lost

Short Story two: Safety

A wolf once roamed a deep forest . Hills and gorges encircled the forest. It was traversed by a tiny river.

 The wolf once noticed a lamb drinking water from the same source down at a distance while he was drinking water himself at the head of a stream. The crafty wolf started formulating a justification for killing and eating the peaceful lamb. So he yelled at the lamb below, "How dare you make the water I'm drinking nasty!"

 The poor lamb gently replied, "You must be mistaken, sir. How can I be contaminating your water when it comes from you to me and not the other way around?

The wolf started planning another smart argument 

Do you recall calling me all kinds of derogatory and even nasty names just a year ago? The wolf said to the helpless lamb.

But, sir, I wasn't even born a year ago, the lamb protested in a shaking voice.

The wolf yelled, "Shut up, you fool" . Do you believe I am an idiot? If not you, then it was probably your father who abused me in the past. 

The lamb pleaded, shaking, "At most, I can apologise on behalf of my  father if he ever insulted you."

"I believe you to be the type of person who first commits a sin before trying to justify it. Let me teach you and your family a valuable lesson," the wolf growled before leaping onto the helpless lamb, tearing it to pieces, and devouring it.

Moral of the Story:

This a story with a very deep moral lesson. The lamb clearly knows the fox is dangerous. The lamb should have moved to safety as soon as he saw the fox instead of standing and arguing.  It is better to put safety first. 

 For slightly older kids, it is a great story to teach that that it is better to stay away from toxic relationships than trying to win them over with words.

Stories are a great way to have conversations with kids and if an adult is reading to them it is a great way to keep kids away from the screen. If youl like these short stories you are sure to like our maps , posters and flashcards

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