Short stories for kids on importance of Hard work and Struggles

1. Cocoon and Butterfly

 Many of us know that a gorgeous and colorful butterfly emerges from an ugly worm! Here's the story of a butterfly who was never able to have a typical butterfly life.

One day, a man noticed a cocoon. He adored butterflies and was obsessed with their stunning colour combinations. In reality, he used to spend a lot of time with butterflies. He understood how difficult it was for a butterfly to turn from an unattractive caterpillar to a beautiful one.  

He noticed the cocoon had a tiny opening. It suggested that the butterfly was striving to get out and experience the world. He wanted to see how the butterfly emerged from the cocoon. He spent several hours watching the butterfly struggle to break its shell. He spent more than ten hours with the cocoon and butterfly. The butterfly had been straining for hours to emerge through the tiny aperture. Unfortunately, despite repeated tries over several hours, there was no progress. The butterfly appeared to have exhausted its options and was unable to continue.

The man, who was passionate about butterflies, decided to help the butterfly. He took a pair of scissors and reshaped the cocoon to create a larger entrance for the butterfly, then removed the remaining cocoon. The butterfly emerged without a struggle!

Unfortunately, the butterfly no longer appeared lovely, with a bloated body and short, withered wings.

The man was relieved that he had successfully helped the butterfly emerge from the cocoon. He remained to observe the butterfly, eager to see it fly with its lovely wings. He reasoned that the butterfly's wings could expand and contract at any time, and the wings could support the body. Unfortunately, neither the wings nor the bloated body expanded or contracted.

Unfortunately, the butterfly crept around with shriveled wings and a large body. It could never fly. Although the man did it with good intentions, he was unaware that only through battle can the butterfly emerge as beautiful and strong.

The butterfly's continual endeavor to emerge from its cocoon allowed the fluid stored in its body to be turned into wings. As a result, the body would become lighter and smaller, but the wings would be gorgeous and enormous.

If we don't want to struggle, we won't be able to fly!

Moral of the story : Struggles help us shine! There is no short cut to success

2. Short Story for Kids - On Connection between Hard work and Success

Once there live a farmer . The farmer called his sons and said, "I have grown old and unwell; perhaps I will no longer be with you soon. Today I'd want to tell you a secret.

Listen to me very attentively and do not tell anyone about it in the community." While listening to their father, the boys closed in on him and shouted, "Father, hurry up and tell us what that secret is." The farmer responded, "A long time ago, I discovered a treasure. I was quite delighted to have that treasure, but I didn't need it at the time, so I dug a hole in the fields and concealed treasure in it, intending to hand it off to you in your youth. However, my memory deteriorated over time, and I now completely forget where I had hidden the treasure.

I want each of you to dig up the fields, so we can find the treasure. The sons became overly thrilled after hearing their father describe the wealth. They told their father, "Don't worry, we'll find the treasure soon." The next day, the farmer's sons got up early, went to the fields, and began digging, but they were unable to uncover the treasure despite digging all day. They returned home in the evening and informed their father that despite their best efforts, they had not discovered any treasure. While listening to his sons, the father grinned and exclaimed, "My children! "I already knew there was no buried treasure in the fields."

The sons were upset after listening to their father, but before they could question him anything, the farmer himself replied, "You never showed interest in agriculture, so I put a joke on you and made you plough the fields. Tomorrow, we'll all sow the seeds in the fields, and you'll see how good our crop is at the end." The next day, the farmer sows the seeds.

The land was well ploughed, which proved beneficial to the produce. When the crop ripened, the farmer told his boys, "Look! Our crop is so good thanks of your hard work. Now tell me, what else do we need after we have this treasure?" The farmer's sons had grasped their father's aim. They pledged never to be lazy again.

Moral message from the farmer and his sons

"There is greatness in hard work"

"Always work hard"

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