Short Stories for Kids on Helping Others

Kids Short Stories: Hard work and helping others helps you succeed

Once upon a time, in a village lived a family. The family had two daughters. The family was poor and needed to work very hard to make ends meet.

One day the older daughter Matin came up with the idea that she would go to the neighbouring village and find work. This way, her family wouldn’t have to feed her and whatever extra money she made she would be able to give her family. She sought her parents permission to go to the neighbouring village to seek work. After a lot of deliberation, her family reluctantly agreed to let her go. 

Matin set out on a journey to find work. This was the first time she was travelling outside town and she was excited and also a bit scared. Matin was a very helpful and cheerful person. She worked hard and played harder and always made the best of any situation.

As she was walking to the neighbouring village, she chanced upon an old tree. The tree spoke to her and asked her help in cleaning the twigs. Matin started doing it without any hesitation. The old tree was very happy, he thanked her profusely and wished her the best of luck.

She walked further and it was almost lunchtime, as she sat down to have lunch, an old man came by and said he was hungry. Matin immediately handed him some food . The old man and Matin shared her lunch. The old man was full of stories and Matin enjoyed her time. He also told her that she must try seeking work at the elvish house at the edge of the village where the forest ended. She thanked him and made her way further.

On her way, she met a little rabbit, the rabbit told her he was very dirty and needed a bath and if she could help him . The girl happily obliged and went on her way. Next she came upon an old well. The well called to her and said that he was overflowing and needed water to be drawn from him and the vegetable garden needs watering. Matin drew water from the well and watered the plants. She sang happily as she worked. When she was done, she said bye to the well and left.

She made her way to the edge of the forest and saw the elvish house the old man had spoken of. She knocked on the door and asked for work. The elves were kind beings who said they would give her work. She needed to clean the house daily and make food for the elves. There was only one condition though, she was not supposed to enter the room on the topmost floor. Matin worked very hard and never bothered to look inside the room. 

After a few months, Matin wanted to go back home. The elves were very happy with her work. They showed her to the room on the top floor. It was filled with gold and diamonds. They gave her a bagful and bade her goodbye

On her way back, she came across the well and the garden she had watered. There was fruit and vegetables. The well asked her to take as much as she wanted. She took some and left the garden.  The rabbit met her and gave her some rare healing herbs. She thaked the rabbit and went on her way. She had forgotten to pack food and was hungry. The old man whom she had given food to, met her on the way and took her to his house. She had a sumptuous meal. The old man also packed a lot of sweets for her and her family, she thanked him and left. Finally she came across the tree whom she had helped. The tree gave her a lot of sandalwood perfume that she could sell to make money. She was very happy and went on her journey. Her parents were very happy when Matin returned. Matin told them her story and everyone praised her for doing so well 

Moral of the Story:

Matin reflected and realised that two things made her successful - one was how she was helpful. The old man had directed her to the right house. All the people whom she had helped had helped her. 

Once in the elvish house, she did a lot of hard work

Why Short Stories for Kids

Short stories are a great way  

  1. To Build empathy in kids

  2. They can help in driving home important life lessons or morals to kids

  3. We recommend this story for kids from 7 years and above

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