Short Stories For Kids on Helping and Gifting

Short Story 1: How the perfect gift was not so perfect

It was Sahana’s mom’s birthday. Sahana got an idea! She thought that the best gift that she can give her mother was a neat and tidy home! So, she decided to clean all the mess in the house and make it spic and span before her mom returned from  office. She felt that there was too much to do alone.  So, she decided to call her friends to help her. She called 2 of her friends but 4 of them joined. All of them started cleaning the house. But since Sahana’s friends were not aware of the arrangements of things at Sahana’s place, they kept different things in different places. This created a confusion and finally ended up with re-doing a lot of work. By the time Sahana’s mom came, the house was messier!

Sahana felt very bad. She started to cry. When Sahana told her mom, her idea, her mom laughed and said, that her idea was brilliant but, calling too many friends was not! As too many cooks spoil the broth! Her mother also helped them to clean the house and then ordered dinner.

Parenting takeaway:

If too many people involve in a task, even a simple task can go wrong. Every task has its own specifications. As the proverb right says too many cooks spoil the broth.

Short Story 2 : Molu and paneer

Molu was a sweet little mouse, who had come to visit her friend Peeli in a city. They both wandered in the city sight seeing. Molu wanted to eat paneer. Peeli searched all the places in the city to get her friend’s wish fulfilled. But almost a week passed and  they couldn’t find the paneer. It was almost time for, Molu to get back to her village.

On the day of living, while crossing a road, Molu fiound  a big chunk of paneer. She was on cloud nine. She took the chunk and started running towards her village. In her mind she imagined all sorts of dishes that she could prepare from it. She thought she could keep it for a few days and relish it.

Reaching her home, she carefully placed the paneer in a proper place. She went out to bring some herbs to make dishes. In the market place she met her other friend Cheeli. Cheeli invited Molu over to her place. She looked very pale and sad. After visiting Cheeli’s place, Molu asked the reason for her sadness. Cheeli said that her daughter and son both were unwell from many days. After taking medicines their tongue had become bitter and wanted to eat something healthy and tasty. So, she was in search of Paneer! Molu saw two little rats lying on the floor. They had become very weak. Crying and sad. Seeing them Molu also felt sad for them. Cheeli continued saying that they were not eating anything. They kept asking for paneer. As she could not find paneer anywhere, her husband has gone to the city in search of it. Molu’s heart sank. She decided to give her paneer chunk to them. When Molu handed over the paneer to them, their joys knew no bounds. Cheeli thanked Molu

Cheeli made a variety of dishes with paneer. The little rats relished them all. Seeing them, Molu felt very happy. While saying goodbye, Cheeli’s husband came back from the town with a big chunk Paneer. When Cheeli narrated the whole story to her husband, he also thanked Molu and gave half of that big chunk of paneer, much more than what Molu had initially,  along with herbs and other things.

Moral of the Story

There is joy of giving. Often it is a tough choice. We feel very good when we help others and often we get the returns for the help too. But even if we dont get any returns, there is a joy to giving

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