Benefits of eating together as a family

Family life is busy, busy, busy. Parents often spend their days dashing from work to kids' sports practices, unable to relax even at home because they need to take care of household tasks like laundry and cleaning. That doesn't leave parents and kids much time to spend together as a family. One of the best ways to increase quality time and improve family life overall is to make time for at least one family meal per day.

Benefits of eating together as a family

1. Eating together teaches kids important life skills.
2. Family meals model healthy eating.
3. Eating together helps kids do better in school
4. Eating together improves communication skills
5. Eating together saves time and money.
6. Eating together fosters happy, well-adjusted kids.

Eating together as a family can positively impact you and your family's physical and mental health.  Focus on making the limited time you have with your kids quality time, by discussing everyone's day, sharing achievements, talking about a favorite book, or debating cultural issues.


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