Short Stories for kids on greed and bad deeds

The Cunning Fox and the Clever Stork

Once upon a time, there was a crafty and devious fox. He used to speak pleasantly to other animals to gain their trust before pulling jokes on them.

The fox once encountered a stork. He befriended the stork and pretended to be a nice friend. Soon after, he invited the stork to join him for a feast. The invitation was gladly accepted by the stork.

When the feast day arrived, the stork went to the fox's dwelling. To her astonishment and regret, the fox stated that he could not prepare the large feast promised and instead brought her soup. The stork saw that the soup was in a shallow bowl when he brought it out of the kitchen!

With its long bill, the stork couldn't eat any soup, while the fox effortlessly lapped the soup from the plate. The fox inquired, "How is the soup?" as the stork's bill tip touched the soup. "Do you dislike it?"

"Oh, it's good," the hungry stork said, "but my stomach is upset, and I can't take any more soup!"

"I'm sorry for bothering you," the fox apologized.

"Oh dear, please don't say sorry," the stork answered. I have a medical condition that prevents me from enjoying what you have to offer."

She went after thanking the fox and invited him to dinner at her house.

The day came, and the fox appeared at the stork's nest. After exchanging pleasantries, the stork presented soup in a narrow jar with a long neck to both of them. She could easily eat the soup with her long beak, but the fox clearly couldn't.

After she finished hers, the stork inquired about the fox's enjoyment of the soup. The fox was embarrassed by the feast he had prepared for the stork. "I...I'd better leave now," he mumbled. "I have a stomachache."

He was humiliated and fled the scene.

Moral of the story - One bad turn leads to another.



Greedy Kid

Rahul and Kiran were the same person. They were so similar that even their mother had trouble telling one from the other, at least in their early days on Earth.

They were, however, very different from one other in every way except their appearance. Rahul had no friends, although Kiran was an excellent friend maker. Rahul like sweets, whilst Kiran preferred spicy foods and disliked sweets. Rahul was mommy's pet, whereas Kiran was daddy's. Kiran was greedy and selfish, whereas Rahul was generous and selfless!

As Rahul and Kiran   got older, their father desired to divide his inheritance equally between them. However, Kiran disagreed, arguing that whoever proved to be more educated and strong should receive a larger share of the money.

Rahul concurred. Their father decided to hold a tournament between the two of them. He instructed his two sons to walk as far as they could before returning home before dark. The wealth would be distributed proportionally to the distance traveled. They were not authorized to carry a watch to keep time as a rule of the tournament.

Rahul and Kiran decided to go for a walk the next day. It was a beautiful day. Rahul strolled slowly and steadily, while Kiran sprang into a sprint, determined to win the race and a larger share of his father's fortune.

Rahul understood it would be best to walk as far as possible until noon and then start walking back home because it would take the same amount of time. Knowing this, Rahul resolved to return home at midday in order to arrive on time.

However, Kiran, driven by his desire to amass more cash, did not attempt to come home until after mid-afternoon. He walked twice as far as Rahul and figured he'd still make it home before dusk. When he noticed the sun becoming orange, he hurried back. Unfortunately, he was only halfway home as the sun began to set. Darkness gradually overtook his route, forcing him to drag his exhausted feet back home.

He had finished last in the race. Only due of his avarice.

Moral of the story - Greed results in loss.

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